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Hi ladies, good to see a forum so specific to African/Caribbean themes!!

I've got a question for you: who is doing your hair on the big day? I live in Surrey, work in London and used to go to a hairdressers in Norbury but they kept cutting my hair unevenly and burning my scalp with relaxer!! I have justed started going to Desmond Murray but won't have the time to go to his salon in the morning, and definitely won't have the money to bring him to mine!! I guess I'm looking for someone who is experienced and can come round and put my hair up.


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    sorry, can't help with that as my hairdresser is a wedding guest so will be doing mine in the morning at the hotel!

    How are you wearing you hair? is it a simple style that maybe you could practice with one of your birdesmaids?
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    It's a sort of mid length "shag" at the moment!! That's what I call it anyway!! It's a long fringe with the rest framing my face. My mom thinks I can just have it relaxed the day before then get the straighteners out myself on the day but every girl deserves a treat, no?!

    How are you wearing yours?
  • Hiya Andipink,

    In regards to hair, I've been looking through the Black Beauty magazine for some inspirational hairstyles. I was looking through some from last year and managed to find a really nice up-do. My hair is natural, so all I do is Press the hair. I'm seeing my hairdresser in July as my wedding is in August so we shall do some dummy runs. I'm looking to probably get some hair piece put into the hair just to make it look nuff when then hair is done up.

    I think it will be nice if you can have your hair done on the morning of the wedding cause its more fresh then, and you'll feel good. Don't give up with the hair, no matter what you decide to do it will look good!

    Good Luck,

    Missy. L. Rose X
  • Hi Andipink can't really help with the hair situation as mine is in locs where it has been for the last 10 years , so you can imagine I have my own wedding hair issues, where in Norbury do you go to hair dressers ? (fellow Surrey girl here) when is your wedding? do you think you have enough time to try a new hairdresser before your wedding? a little sneaky here there is usually one good stylist at the hairdressers ,if there is such a thing where you go to perhaps you could persuade her away from the salon on the day to do your hair. failing all that you must have a girlfriend who has a decent hairdresser, one who understands TIME, you know what I mean. Good luck on your mission & welcome to our little forum.
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    Hi Brownie, thanks for the welcome. I used to go to Rachel Wheeler on Norbury High Street, great girl and pretty knowlegable but I would often find my hair in the hands of one of her assistants who were less experienced, hence the burnt scalp!! I'm also a bit bored of the usual two hour wait when you go to the hairdressers, even if you have an appointment!! This is why I changed to Desmond Murray but obviously, he costs a lot more. I like your advice about encouraging the head stylist to my place for the morning, I'm not getting married until 3pm so even if she is a little tardy I might be okay. I'm getting married on 3rd May 2008 which is why I'm doing my harr research now. Tell me about your wedding Brownie, when, where etc.
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    Hi Andi

    I'm living in Thornton Heath (with no heath) so only just Surrey. The event of the century is in August 11th at Aerodrome Hotel on Purley Way. Still gots loads to do I think. Pulled a sickie today so I am at home, gonna make a quick dash to the local florist to see what they can do to help. The reception & ceremony is all under control,at the one place, just got to pay for it all now.The contenscious guest list needs fine tuning AGAIN. H2b has yet to do anything !!!!, he is still thinking shave/shower and he's done. YEAH RIGHT. My dress and bridesmaids clothes are all organised.Groomsmen still need sorting, I need to apply some really firm pressure to Mr man.You must be way ahead being as your fabulous event is coming up soon. Are you scared/excited? I know I'm bricking it. I'm sure it will be ok on the day. let us know how your getting on .
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    OOps just reread your message Andi, your event of the century is not til 2008. No sweat hair will be sorted by then, however I feel you with the lets get started nice and early, Once upon a time it seemed like I had ages to go. Then Christmas came (which seems like it was two weeks ago) and now look were in March.
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    Oh Brownie, it is going to be here before you know it but you seem pretty sorted. The Aerodrome is lovely and the menu is excellent. Was it the Caribbean food which attracted you? I know exactly what you mean about the H2B thinking he just has to turn up. Mine keeps saying that he's sorting out the house and the wedding is for me to do. I'm going to put him in some dodgy suit if he's unlucky!! Did you get your dress/bridesmaids dresses made? What are you doing for a car?
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    Hi all

    I also have a big prob with the hair dresser issue, finding a good hairdresser is not easy. I think I will be going down the option of trying to get the hairdresser to me on the morning, if anyone no's a good salon in se london please let me no. I'm getting married in july 07 and am yet to plan most things!
  • hi girls

    im always screwin bout my hair on a normal day so god help me on the big day.I think i am gonna have it scraped back with a long curly hair piece.

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    I don't blame you Princessboo, doing it yourself is safer than waiting for a hairdresser to turn up.

    Lucylee, I wish I could help you but bar Desmond Murray, all haridressers I know have a clock problem!!
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    lol u know that they don't run by GMT the run by BPT (black people time) which could be whenever they wake up lol!
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    Hi i wear plaits and going to get a weave next week, why is it that most weaves always show the track mark even though you pay a lot of cash for it not to show?? Lol! Is it down to having a good hairdresser??Lol! Or relaxing the hair too much!??
  • Hi Everyone, I've been away from the forum for a few months now. But how is everyone. I feel I'm quite lucky, my hairdresser does my hair from her house near MayDay Hospital. She has been doing it for the last 3 years. She will also be attending the wedding after my hair is done.

    I think I will have a part up part down style.

    Caroline x
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    Hey Caroline, what's your hairdresser like for time keeping and what style is your hair in now, ie relaxed, natural, weave?
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