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Want to get married in Antigua, May 2010 - help!

Hi, am new to this so here goes..

Looking to get married in the Caribbean in May 2010, have so many brochures but as soon as I think I have chosen a location I read the reviews and change my mind. Has anyone got married/been to a wedding in Antigua and could recommend a resort?

Favourites are Blue Waters and Galley Bay so far..

I ideally would like an intimate ceremony in a modern-ish hotel, with a private BBQ on the beach after for a small group of friends/family

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • CHERUB7CHERUB7 Posts: 16
    Hi I got married 3wks ago at the Jolly Beach Resort in Antigua it was perfect. It was better than I could have ever dreamed of. I visited Antigua 2 years ago and visited a few hotels we chose this one because we had a few young children with us and it catered well for them. We visited galley bay and it is a really nice hotel.

    Good luck
  • Kat-9742700Kat-9742700 Posts: 296
    we are getting married at Cocobay in Antigua in 3 weeks!!!

    We chose it as it has a rustic charm, and is a small intimate resort. No children. The wedding planner has been really helpful. So far so good really!

    I can give you an update when get back if you are interested?

  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    Were getting married at the Bluewaters resort in September. It looks amazing and has had some excellent reviews from brides on here. I love the gazebo where you get married and we have opted to go for a steel band too which adds to the excitement!

    The resort also has a spa so you can get your hair and make-up done on sight,

    It reallly does look stunning!

    Abi x
  • gsnellinggsnelling Posts: 13
    Thanks for your replies :0)

    We have decided on Bluewaters, just finalising friends and family numbers before booking through Virgin - cant wait!

    Abi would love to hear your feedback & to see pics, if thats not too cheeky!! I'd like to go for the steel band

  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    Hi Antiguan wedding- we dont get married until September but will certainly put up lots of photos for you and give you some feedback. I made a friend with another bride on here who got married at Bluewaters about 3 years ago and she sent me a big breakdown of her wedding whilst she was out there inc flowers, cake, steel band, hair and make up etc. It was really helpful as it has given me an idea on what to expect! Unfortunately, I cant find it on my email to forward to you but I did print a copy of and have kept it so if you would like a copy I am happy to photocopy it and send you a copy in the post. Just email me if you would like me to do that.

    Have you decided on a date yet?

  • gsnellinggsnelling Posts: 13
    I would love that if poss Abi!

    My work email address is [email protected]

    i know some photocopiers let you email the file through if not will give you my address! We've looked at flying out on the 19th May, but havent booked and not sure what happens with regards to choosing an actual wedding date. have found it really stressful even just confirming numbers, some of my really close friends cant afford to come (which while i understand) has been really upsetting. Part of me wonders whether we are doing the right thing or not but it has always been my dream to get married on a beach and my partner feels the same.. a number of friends have asked if we could get married closer to home - Spain/Italy - as they would then come, but my partner feels like it would mean us compromising on our special day.. do you have many people going out with you??


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  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    Hi, we have just 4 of us going out there. My fiances mum is giving me away and his dad is being his best man. Were having a reception back home where everyone else can come. We only wanted a small intimate wedding as I think when you get married abroad, it can become a bit of a free for all and people come for a holiday more than for your special day.

    Unfortunately, my printer is not a wizz one that can scan to email so will have to be good old fashioned post! My email address is [email protected]

    With the wedding date, we always wanted to get married 10 years to the day we met and simply asked the travel agent to request that day when we booked and then the hotel just confirmed that we could have that day. I dont think they do weekend ceremonies though.

    Its soooo exciting!!!!!!


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