Hi anyone out there know much about jumping the broom or if they're doing it.

I would really love to do this plus get small brooms for favours. What do you think?:\?


  • ibiduni4nanaibiduni4nana Posts: 1,405

    haven't posted in a while but hey.. here's my monies worth...

    I think if you want to do and it means something to you then go for it! it might be an idea for the priest/ceremony person to announce that you'll be doing it and say a brief something about its symbolism too,...as perhaps everyone doesnt know why it is done..


    hope this helps xxx
  • reetsmorganreetsmorgan Posts: 514
    Hello & how's the wedding plans all going ? We had a broom jumping "ceremony" if it can be called that at the reception, I got my bridesmaids to do a little reading explaining the meaning/reasoning behind it all and then did our jump to much applause. It was well received by our guests and we had plenty of positive comments, it was pertinent to us as we got married in 2007 (seems ages ago now, not meant to be on this site still but I like to pop back from time to time) but that year and month August was 200 years since the abolition. We made our own broom, bought from ebay, which is still hanging in our living room, have a look at the American wedding sites or just google jumping the broom for more inspiration


    All the best, feel free to email me if you want.
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