Good Lagos based photographer and videographer needed

Help please ladies!

The transcontinental planning is starting to get to me a bit! Am dreaming and talking about wedding non stop and had my first bridezilla moment yesterday, I actually jumped up and stamped my feet while discussing wedding plans with my parents. LOL!!! Everyone just pretended it didn;t happen... I have been laughing about it since, especially their reactions. image

Anyway, need some recommendations please for good Lagos based photographers that don't charge the earth. Or anyone from London that can go to Naij (it's December and wedding season out there so a lot of them tend to go to milk that cash cow!)

I have a budget of 1500 (for both days engagement and wedding) including story book album for wedding and classic photobook for engagement. I have a quote that comes in at 2k and just want to compare with any others that you helpful ladies may have come across.

Also really NEED a videographer (or a photographer that does both) Have no idea what to budget for this so any advice you can give would really help. Me and H2B have simple tastes and aren't looking for anything too fancy...

Thanks so much


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