I DID IT GUYS (with pics)

4 April was the big day.we havent got the official photos yet but here are a few taken by my nieces .Thank you guys for all your inspiration.This was a low budget wedding so we did loads ourselves thankx to yourselves,project wedding e bay,hobbicraft etc.Make up was also DIY and i have dreadlocks but im preety happy with the way my hair turned out.Anyway here is the link to my fotki.PASSWORD IS wifey . http://public.fotki.com/mejumag1/

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    You will need to copy and paste the link
  • dannyaultdannyault Posts: 301
    wow honey the pics look fab, the orange colour scheme worked really well. and you would never of guessed you was on a tight budget! it looks great

    congrats image
  • Well done and congratulations. Wedding pics look lovely and so do you.....budget wedding...well you did fantastic - got any tips on works well/not work well?

  • Bel43Bel43 Posts: 161
    You looked beautiful. Congratulations! x
  • yogibearuk1yogibearuk1 Posts: 402
    lovely x
  • You look beautiful I hope you really enjoyed your day xx

  • ibiduni4nanaibiduni4nana Posts: 1,405
    wow!!! i love the decor. thanks so much for sharing!!! I think you did brilliantly - on a budget pppfff! maybe you should come and sort out mine! lol xxxx
  • Everything looks lovely honey! Congratulations to you both! Can't wait until the official piccies! image xxx
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    thank you guys .Sweethoneypie what worked for me was delegating things for my family to do even a week before to try and releive the stress what didnt work was the guest list as we were expecting 200 but 260 came luckily the food was enough.
    I can't see them : (
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    me too
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