Need nice church near Regent Banqueting Suite

Hi ladies

I'm trying to find a nice church near Finchley in London as I want to be near my venue - wedding reception being held in Regent Banqueting suite but can't find anywhere who will allow me to get married in their church - I don't mind if church is not in finchley but needs to be fairly close by like Notting hill or Hampstead - anyone got any ideas please? image


  • I live in Lewisham so think it would be too far for guest to travel to finchley after ceremony
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    What denomination are you looking for?

    I can then try to help.
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    Seethoneybride, I live in Belvedere and i have the same venue as yours, and i am getting married in my local church. People will have to travel coz I am not sure if any church can just marry you like that unles if you are will to attend that church. But like Mrs Catlover64 said it might be doable. My guests wanted to complain but i just told them that was the only venue i found and most of them understand and they are all willing to travel just to be at my wedding. To be honest if they want to be at your wedding they will come no matter how long they have to travel.

    Last year we had to travel to banbury the day b4 h2b'cousins wedding and went from banbury to Slough to the church and then to Beaconsfield for the reception and loads of people came to the church and the reception. So people will come aslong as they know in advance which i am sure that they will.

    Just realised i havent been helpfull at all, anyway hope you can find a church if the worst comes to the worst dont worry people will travel.

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  • Catlover....Sorry I should have said denomination is christian.

    Ladyvee, I hear what you're saying girl, I can't write off having the wedding in lewisham as I might not have a choice in the end.....he he......but I want to try at least to see if poss to find a church near by - I just don't want anyone moaning their heads off at me but I don't think you can ever avoid that when it comes to arranging a wedding cos you can't keep everyone happy!!!!!!. Who u using for your catering and when is your wedding? Mine is 3rd October 2009.
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    Hi Sweethoneybride, do you live in an area near Finchley? Also what denomination are you looking for? (Catholic?, C of E, Protestant? etc)
  • Hi PrincessCee - no I don't I live in Lewisham which in my opinion is quite far from finchley. Denomination is chuch of england.

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    Hey Sweethoneybride,

    I am also having my reception at the regents banqueting suite, and like you, I had the same problem. I am catholic and wanted a church very close to the reception. Luckily, I live locally, but I still had to "hustle" my way into the church of my

    I started by searching the web...Google to be exact. It gave me a list of all the local churches, and I drove round to the closest ones, to pick which one I prefered.

    The followng sunday, H2B and I went to church there, and after the 3rd or 4th time, we stayed back after church to speak with the priest, and asked if we could get married there.

    Lucky for us, he had seen us there a few times, and I guess he assumed we were regulars, and he agreed, and we have since attended mass there every sunday.

    Some churches might require your attendance for at least 6mths in order for you to get married there, so I would get on it asap. Belvedere is a very long way from Finchley, so even if you don't secure a church in Finchley Central, try neighbouring areas like Golders Green, Hendon, North Finchley, East Finchley, Barnet, Palmers Green, Arnos Grove, Muswell Hill, Archway, ....These areas are at least a lot closer than Belvedere.

    I hope this helps x

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  • Hi Jen-cakes - thanks for the advice - very helpful. When is your wedding? I've been ringing round for weeks trying to find a church and managed to get one to agree to hold the ceremony. Its the Finchley Methodist church near Ballard Road and its opposite a park which will be handy for taking photos on the day after the service. I want to try a few other churches though before I agree to this one to make sure it feels right etc etc. I'm planning to take a drive round on Sunday, got about 4 churches in mind to visit in finchley and hampstead. If I get up there early I might have time to visit all the morning services!!!!! I'm looking for the dream church too!!!!! It will ensure the days sets off on a really good note in the presence of God. I actually live in Lewisham which is still fairly far away from Finchley.
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    Hi Sweethoneybride

    I am glad you found a possible church, Finchley is beautiful, and the park is very handy, and I will probably take my pics there also.

    Lewisham is very far away, so you'll have to get up pretty early to make it to all the morning services, but hey, where there is a will, there is a way!

    I also really want an impactful church ceremony, so I am currently trying to figure out what decorations will go on th epews, as well as the floral arrangements. I definately want everyone at the ceremony to feel God's presence.

    Well, good luck with the church search, let us know how it goes, and if you need any more advice, feel free to holla x
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    hey jen cakes

    you dont mind me asking you what church is that and when you are getting married
  • what denominations....I think I can also help with this one
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