South Africa Brides- dresses? Also posted in weddings abroad


What dress did you, or are you planning to wear?

I was looking for a lighter weight dress, but have tried on a satin dress I like but don't want to melt!

We are planning to get married at 4pm, so hopefully will be a bit cooler.

If you've bought can you post a picture for me to see?




  • nimsgirlnimsgirl Posts: 480
    Hi Cheryl,

    I am getting married In SA, next year, what venue are you getting maried in?

    I was getting married in Erivnale but i now have to rethink.

    my wedding dress is a princess a-line lace
  • Hi Nimsgirl,

    We're getting married at Vrede en Lust.

    Why have you changed your mind about Erinvale?

    It's good to see you're thinking of having a fuller dress. I thought I would have something light like chiffon with a narrow skirt, but I've only just started looking and I like the dresses with a fuller skirt but was worried about the temperature!

    How's your planning going?

  • SaripopSaripop Posts: 215
    I tried on an Alfred Sung dress yesterday. It was a chiffon Grecian sort of thing and it was beautiful. I also tried on a more classic A line gown and it was boiling!! So I really think for me to be comfortable and not to sweat for the photos it has to be a light floaty gown. Does anyone have any clever ideas about where to but these cheaply?!

    Where/when is everyone getting married? We're December at Zorgvliet in Stellenbosch.

  • nimsgirlnimsgirl Posts: 480
    cherylann, I love Erinvale but they will not cater for my food menu and they are doubling there price by double for 2010 weddings.

    I am looking at Oakfield farm, Caslinga and some other place.

    Do you know of a place with a onsite chapel/church and place were you can bring your own food/caterer.

    Further, I am not let in the weather have any say on what i am wearing. The planning is going very slowly, i know what my brides are wearing that about it lol, you?

  • daisyloveukdaisyloveuk Posts: 118
    Got married in Feb this year - was a very hot day. I have a pronuptia dress ( called anna, thinks its now honey). Was silk, travelled really welll and was light and comfortable.
  • Raeyas_mommyRaeyas_mommy Posts: 538
    Hi there, how about using a mainly chiffon material dress?

    we're getting married at The 12 Apostles Hotel March 2010 image

    Saripop I thought you were getting married near Somerset West? did you change your mind or am I getting confused with someone else image

    what's everyone doing about their honeymoon? we did want to go to mauritius but it's soooo expensive so we'll probably go to a couple of places along the SA coast
  • nimsgirlnimsgirl Posts: 480
    cherylann, I am off to south africa at the month to yipee.,to view different locations.

    I cant believe the rand gone down to 11.70, it was over 14 in March.

  • SaripopSaripop Posts: 215

    Yes, that WAS me... until Straightway Head went out of business!! Actually it's for the best because even though it's more expensive, Zorgvliet is so much nicer. I see you decided to go with the 12 apostles after all!

    For our honeymoon, we are going to a spa hotel in Wilderness for a week and then coming back to CT and spending New Years in a hotel in Kalk Bay, hopefully a romantic picnic on Fish Hoek beach!! I think Mauritius would be amazing, but South Africa is too! Just think of the Garden Route and all those beautiful beaches!

    Can't wait to see everyone's dresses. I've decided to have mine made in SA, as we're going out before the wedding. My mother got a name of someone near CT, and it will work out at around £200-300 and she can do it in 3 weeks. I will keep you ladies updated and pass on her details if she's any good!

  • cherikeyukcherikeyuk Posts: 133
    Hi All

    We just got married on the east coast (beach ceremony). I travelled with my Pronovias Rania dress. It was a bit creased on arrival but after a week of hanging it was ok.

    I'm selling my dress (in SA) if any of you are interested. If you'd like to see pics of the dress go to my classified add:

    If you'd like to see pics of our wedding:

    click on the couple in the top right hand corner...

    Good luck with the planning, let me know if any of you need help/advice from this side...

    If you'd like to
  • nimsgirlnimsgirl Posts: 480
    were are the south africa brides at?
  • SaripopSaripop Posts: 215
    I think we're all over on weddings abroad, there's a Cape Town thread which is quite popular at the mo...

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