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Has anyone got an order of day template?

Hi Everyone,

I'm getting married on June 20th and I have started to panic.

Does anyone have an order of day template that I can see?

Thanks all


  • SashaLSashaL Posts: 65
    Hi Nkiru, is this for the church ceremony? I desperately need one as well.

    I have a template for the reception if that will be helpful.
  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    Try this:

    You'll need to register, but this is no problem. Although it's for a Catholic Mass booklet, it can be tailored very easily for other kinds of services. I did my own Mass Booklets and found it very useful.
  • nezigbohnezigboh Posts: 35
    Thanks guys, I need one for the reception.
  • AbiKushAbiKush Posts: 6

    Hope this helps, but I guess u can rearrange to what suits you or maybe add more items

    1. Introduction to the High Table

    2. Entrance of the Bridal Party

    3. Opening Prayer

    4. Chairman's Opening Prayer

    5. Cutting of the Cake

    6. Toast of the Bride & Groom

    7. Groom's Response

    8. Couple's First Dance

    9. Throwing of the Bouquet

    10. Vote of Thanks

    11. Chairman's Closing Remarks

    12. Closing Prayers

  • nezigbohnezigboh Posts: 35
    Thanks, I wasn't sure which one came 1st the first dance or the cutting of the cake
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