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Sirenis Tropical Suites Domincan

Is anyone getting married here this year or has anyone been to a wedding here... im looking for pictures of past weddings but struggling to find any! Starting to panic that they dont actually take place!! Also, i need help with my documents, has anyone done them themselves? Im considering it as RT Translations have quoted us £1470 which is fine but i was after alternatives! Can anyone help me please?

Thanks all


  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    hi igot married in the dom rep last year,we did the documents ourselves through the dominican embassy website,
  • rogers_s73rogers_s73 Posts: 28

    thanks for replying, how was your wedding? hope it all went well. I think ill try and do it myself... well ill certainly look into it! thanks for the advice! :\)

    Sara x
  • xxbeccixxbecci Posts: 1

    Im getting married in Sirenis suites this year, i went there back in 2010, just wanted to know how your wedding went? xx
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