Pics from our beach wedding in SA!

Hi Everyone

We got married on the beach in South Africa on the 1st of May. It feels like i haven't been here for ages, but i thought i'd post some pics from our wedding;

Check out:

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  • kerry2109kerry2109 Posts: 26

    Your pictures are gorgeous!


  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    They are absoloutely beautiful!!!! So atmospheric and arty. Wow! x
  • cherikeyukcherikeyuk Posts: 133
    Thanks ladies....

    We had an amazing day! (after a lot of sh*t from our venue)
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287

    Loving the pictures, what a stunning setting and you looked gorgeous x
  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    Yeh I just read your husband's report. It sounds terrible. I hope it didn't ruin the day for you though x
  • cherikeyukcherikeyuk Posts: 133
    Hi Anng

    No, we wouldn't let it ruin our day. Luckily we had organized most of the suppliers ourselves which were fantastic, and the weather was great which helped a great day. The day was 10 X better than i ever imagined...
  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    That's great news. It truely looks amazing!
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