Calling all my beautiful African/Carribean Brides to be !!!

Hi Lovees, im new to the site, and am soo happy that there is a forum devoted totally to african/carribean weddings !!!

Recently got engaged in March to my hubbie of 5 years and hoping to get married August 2010.

Stole this idea from another thread (brilliant idea geministar) and thought i would incorporate it with a few inclusions

Here goes................

Your nationality: Ghanaian (but lived here for 23 years - Im 24 )

Your tribe: Ga

Fiance's nationality: Nigerian (hes 1/4 ghanaian and 3/4 nigerian)

Fiance's tribe: Igbo

Location: Enfield

Where are you getting married? Not sure, thinking Albury hall, herts

How many people? 130

Are your having a traditional wedding? Having the tradtional Dec 2009, white wedding Aug 2010

What are your trad colours? not sure,

What are your white wedding colours? really have no clue, was thinking chocolate and cream, but my sis thinks its too dull, maybe ivory, gold and peach HELP !!

What are you wearing (traditional and white wedding, dress, shoes, everything!) Def want an ivory dress, havent started looking yet, hoping you ladies can tell me about some good wedding shops, willing to go anywhere to search for THE dress

What are you doing with your hair? not sure yet, ladies an advice !! or pictures

What kind of bouquet will you have? would like lillies

How many groomsmen? 4

How many bridesmaids? 4

What's your wedding budget? £7000 - Me and hubbie to be dont live together yet , so still need to consider getting a mortgage, and furnishing our house so budget quite small

Where are you getting married? (traditional, church and reception venues) church - not sure yet, my hubbie to be dad is a pastor and we both feel that he would be far too emotional to carry out the ceremony, so not sure what to do, reception venue would like albury village hall, but still looking for venues that arent expensive, holla if you have any ideas

How involved is your fiance in the wedding preparations? Very good, we discuss everything and he's always bring up ideas, he's my best friend so we chat about evvvverything

Where are you going on your honeymoon? The maldives or mauritious or antigua or st lucia

What kind of wedding cake you having? Three tiered, one chocolate, one vanilla and one lemon Yum Yum !

What favours are you giving your guests? in favour boxes mints, pashminas for ladies and not sure about the guys

Wedding music ? Have no clue about DJs would love one that can do Ghanaian, nigerian, old skool, Rnb so please let me know who your using or if you've heard of any good ones !!

Food? Have no clue !! Help, have been to a lot of ghanaian and nigerian events where the food was WACK !! People always remember the food at weddings !!

Photography? Not sure, havent even looked yet

What's going to be unique about your wedding? ME & my HUBBIE TO BE

Main issues ? Really want a good way to include both my ghanaian background and my hubbie to be nigerian background in the celebrations, like the favour boxes or decoration or invitations, not sure Help !!!

As you can see ive just started organising and still open to lots of suggestions, advice and ideas from my beautiful ladies and hope we can all help each other out

Just copy the questions and add your own answers !!!

Much love



  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    Welcome! I'm already married and am not of African origin, but let me know if you need any help or advice and I'll do my best to oblige...

    Have fun planning!!!
  • AnansaukAnansauk Posts: 7
    Hi Miss Diamond, good to see a fellow novice planner. Mrs Catlover will deffo appreciate any advice you can offer. not enjoying planning at mo.


    Fiance's nationality....Ghanaian

    Trad ceremony... Aug 2010

    Wedding.....Aug 2010

    Venue...still looking


    Groomsmen......He's still deciding

    Guest Numbers.....140.

    haven't really done much else as studying as well.

    I really need a fairy godmother.



  • Nationality- Half Jamaican

    Fiance's nationality- Half Italian

    Wedding- April 2010

    Venue- Checking out the Kildare Lodge, Minehead, tomorrow


    Groomsmen- he's still deciding

    Guest numbers- 40

    I don't even know if there is such a thing as a traditional Jamaican wedding because its my dad who is Jamaican but I don't live with him or see that side of my family very often.
  • By the way search the-lightinthebox on google and then search for wedding dresses, there are some amazing ones on there that cost next to nothing!!
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