I got married!!

Hey ladies,

I have not spent much time on this site but the few times I came on I got so much support. So I promised myself that I would share the pics of my big day!!

We had an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed it! I am not too good on doing reports but I was very grateful for a lovely weather- not that I would have let anything bother me!

I also made a point of absolutely enjoying myself and having a blast at the party and I did just that!


These are piccies from facebook and friends!! Thanks guys! xxx

ps: if you need some more pics fill you can check out the traditional pictures at www.bodar.com/ccwed



  • nimsgirlnimsgirl Posts: 480
    Ah lovely congrats luv. i am loving traditional pictures.
  • jessicacukjessicacuk Posts: 886
    You looked absolutly stunning hun - you looked gorgeous. I loved your dress etc. It looked like an amazing day. Congratulations xx
  • GeministarukGeministaruk Posts: 691
    OMG Chichi you looked soooooo adorable! You have the most amazing eyes. Love the pics, the colours, everything!!!!
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    your pics are fab............love the trado pics........... but come I did not see you kneling down to give ur hisband his palm wine...........lol.

    Gosh all u slim brides - put the rest of us to shame.

    look fantastic by the way. loved the blue trado outfit
  • ibiduni4nanaibiduni4nana Posts: 1,405
    wow! thanks for sharing, you look really beautiful in ALL your outfits - trad and white wedding! Your hubby is a lucky man.. and thanks for the photo captions lol lol I love the coleslaw and cake one! ahahahahaha still laughing!

    HUGE congratulations!!!

    M xxx
  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy marriage. Your pix are great and you made a lovely bride xx
  • cnwabukocnwabuko Posts: 19
    Thank you all lovely ladies!!

    @Ik's wifey - the trad was so disorganised that all the kneeling bit was done when I knelt in front o my parents!

    @ibiduni4nana - that's how bad it was - no one knew where anything was going that the cutting cake ws already cut before we cut itimage

    @geministar - your pics are stunning - elegant, sophisticated and buckets of fun and you got to be whisked away. Congratulations missy!!!

    Not sure where I get the eyes from but not complaining!

    @nimsgirl - thank you - the colours were fairly random, we kind of tried to look at what may work with both our skin types

    @mrs catlover64 - I must have missed your wedding date! Congratulation and hope you had a fab day. Best wishes to you too xx

    How's all your plans coming IK's wifey?

    Congrats ... you looked stunning x
  • samuelsbsamuelsb Posts: 39
    Just stunning.........the whole day looks amazing.

    Can I ask you what type of hair you have used in your braids? They look gorgeous - exactly what I want. x
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