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Please help, all advice appreciated!! sorry its long...

Dear Ladies,

I went for a facial this morning at a salon in croydon - i have had facials at this salon many times before with no problems. This one did not feel right - my face really started stinging with some of the products the therapist put on my face. I complained and the therapist started fanning my face to cool it down.

She stated that she needed to continue to facial but would not leave the products on for a long time. When the facial ended, i looked in the toilet mirror and was quite shocked to see pink patches on my face where the pigmentation had been scrubbed off (my face was fine before treatment, if not a bit dry) I spoke to the salon owner, who waffled on about aim of the facial being abrasive and that my skin will heal in a couple of days. She gave me some cream to apply to the patches explaining that its a cream that is specially applied after facials.

I went to the nearest walk in clinic and the nurse advised me that I have had an allergic reaction - need to take pirton and apply cold compresses etc.

I would really appreciate some advice, firstly - legally what to do next - salon owner did not even offer to refund my treatment - although I shall follow that up when she calls me tonight to see how I am........??

Secondly, its 7 weeks to my wedding day. I would appreciate if anyone can recommend products / treatments /salons in the central and south east london area that can manage very dry sensitive skin.

I look forward to hearing from you all. Best wishes with your wedding arrangements. Many thanks. Mo xxxx


  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    I'm so sorry to read what's happened to you. Hopefully I might be able to help.

    Which salon did you go to? (wasn't Josh was it???) I'm from Croydon myself...

    What products did she use? (e.g Dermologica, Elemis)

    Have you used these products before?

    Did she do a patch test on your skin?

    When the product first started to sting, why did she not immediately stop the treatment?

    Was it your usual therapist?

    When the owner calls, I would tell her what happened, show her your face if she calls in person and DEFINITELY call for your money back. If not, I would appear at the salon the very next day with a load of mates and LOUDLY discussing your problem in front of her clients!!

    DO NOT visit any more salons!!! Your skin's still recovering and to put more products on it would make no sense especially with the wedding so close, and it might very well make the problem worse!!

    I would recommend using Simple products (they do a range for dry skin) and moisturising your face with Bio Oil to try and settle the skin down.

    Meanwhile, I'll try to have a scout round see if there's anything legal you can do.

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  • ibiduni4nanaibiduni4nana Posts: 1,405
    i agree with catlover, don't put anything foreign on your face. I mean stuff you haven't used before, not foreign products ; )

    BioOil is a great thing but i'd be inclined to leave the skin well alone. but if like you say, your skin is VERY dry then add a bit on to stop it flaking more. you need to keep the skin hydrated so drink LOTS of water and use your usual moisturiser.

    My best friend is a lawyer, will mention to her and see what she says on the legal side of things... ;p did you read the T+Cs that you would've been asked to sign before your treatment. maybe there is something in there you can work with...


    good luck
  • sbusarisbusari Posts: 162
    Hi hon,

    So sorry to hear of your experience, sounds awful. Think the others are probably right that you should give your skin time to heal.

    Here's a link to the Consumer Direct, they were very helpful with me in the past with giving me my rights as a consumer when things go wrong.

    Also take lots of pictures of your face to show the damage caused by the treatment, and if you really want to go all the way with it, you could contact the local press. Maybe let the salon know you are considering this, i'm sure they wouldn't want to be plastered all over the local papers for giving bad treatment.

    hopefully, it will all be ok soon and before your wedding. Let us know how you get on

  • glitterymoglitterymo Posts: 11
    Thanks for your kind replies,

    Update - saloon owner keeps calling me - saying that she wants to put it right. She also told me to put baking soda on my patches!! She deinied that returning is an issue for her. Ive got plans to get my money back & more... and im in the process of seeking legal advice via my union. I have no intentions of going back unless to pick up my money. My face is healing but its still a mess.

    Mrs. Catlover64

    Its Profile Aestestics on London rd. They use pharmagel products. Funnily enough before the facial had started, i complained that my skin isn't clearing up fast enough - Ive been going for facials for nearly 2 months. She didnt do a patch test, it was her colleague who did the treatment - she has done most of my facials. The product she put on my face stung so badly i knocked the container out of her hand, she fanned my face to cool it down and then said that she has got to finish the rest of the treatment but would not leave to product on my face for long a time. The NHS nurse suggested buying a facial steamer and using an astringent to close the pores - what do think of this....... and can you reccommend any astringents? I don't no what to do after my face heals.

    Mrs Ibiduni4nana

    Thank you for your kind offer i would be interested to hear what your lawyer friend has to say, for the record i was not invited to sign a contract at the salon.....


    Thank you for the link. My other half has been taking photos.

    Thanks again for your assistance ladies. Its really appreciated. xxxx
  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    Profile Aestetics - is that the one by W Croydon station??

    Anyway - the only natural astringents I can think of that won't upset your skin is good old cold water!!! or witchazel.

    Failing that, Simple products are very good and don't cost too much either. Hope this helps.
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