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I'd love a traditional zim wedding but don't know how!!


I am new to the you and your wedding forum and just wanted to ask advice on how to organise a wedding in Zimbabwe. I am a white british national but my husband to be is Zimbabwean and I would love to have a traditional Zim wedding so we can include all of his family (i think it would be more expensive to fly his family over here as we would have to pay!) in the ceremony. Also is it possible to do this cheaply? I really don't know where to start with organising it and if it is possible!

Thank you all so much!


  • ladyveeukladyveeuk Posts: 84
    hi tinkerbell2003

    you ae so welcome to this forum. ok where do we start, i am actually zimbabwean myself but getting married here as most of mine and H2b family is here . give me some more details so that i know what to advise u. if you want you can email me and we can discuss further.
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    hi Tinkerbell2003

    I'm zimbabwean as well and i got married here last month as most of mine and hubby(wh's from Zim)'s family are here.One of the other reasons i didnt get married back home was that we couldnt afford it my sister got married in 2006 at the sheraton in harare and they paid up to £16000 inc flights.You need someone there who is happy to drive around viewing places looking for vendors etc and i would suggest that you go there once or twice before the wedding to make sure things are going as you would like.This is a wedding discussion on a zim forum its a lot of pages and dates back to 2006 but you might find some of it relevant ,copy and paste it in your search engine.Some of it is not in English so ur hubby might be able to translate it for you but you will probably get tips on the best venues etc

  • Thanks for both of your advice.

    To be honest I haven't even really started doing anything as yet as (I have only recently got engaged and I really don't even know where to begin!) I would to do something different and my family would love to be part of a traditional Zimbabwean wedding He has his parents and family still over there so having someone who can go and look around venues etc isn't a problem, I am also not fussed about anything fancy all I really wamt is our families to be together and have big party!

    I am not sure what other information you me to give to you but please let me know as I am really grateful for any advice you can give me!

    Thank you so much
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    HI,am a zimbabwean myself and has been living in the UK for 10 years.i got married in Zimbabwe last year.Yes,things in Zimbabwe where a bit expensive but can tell you compared to here it`s cheap.I got married at Wildgeese lodge and it caters for all your needs from photographers,decor,catering(5 course meals) and accomodation.The total cost of my wedding was us$10000 inc flights and it was a day will never forget.This time prices have actually gone done as so for everything you will need at least us6500.If you are really interest PM me got a very good planner.
  • Hey zimbrides glad to have pple to chat to. I am planning a zim wedding in Harare Wild Geese or Elephant Hills. If u have any contacts may i have them plse ie wedding planners,cakes, photography and make up .I have been on zimbridal and found some links useful however other have been dead ends.I have family and friends who have wed recently in zim and they have been disastorous. I have been known to have OCD moments and things have to go according to plan ( military precision ).There is no room for error so hey the vendors have to get it right otherwise Lord help them i might end up kuChikurubi or Engucheni(spelling) Lol.My cousins photos were ruined and video deco was suspect make up was ...........My friend's food was crap deco ????? flowers had to be brought in from SA last minute by a freind.My other cousin hey got married at the prestigous Borrowdale Golf Club food was crap they even brought in meat however,my sister in laws maid had to cook when we got home. The next disaster in the family was a wedding at the Pandari last summer this was just crazy hated the venue sitting arrangements, food we had some nusty bitter chicken liver on wilted salad leaves.

    Whatever happened to the good old weddings were food was served by the church ladies crates of drinks in the corner( fond childwood memoriesimage).We all did not expect much now that we have started the western way of wedding can the vendors pliz up their game.Maybe i shld jsut go to the registery however this will not do as the family is expecting the very big wedding i only want 200 guests however, i think i will end up with loads more my mums grand dad was a chief from Masvingo he had 30 wives the family uses 5 surnames i have not even got to the my in laws yet . Mother also goes to a very big well known Pentacoastal church back home so hey the list is growing.

    Father in law's who is now retired has an uncle who passed away recently so he( father in law) has now been made Sabuku so hey will his subject be attending the wedding hell no lol.I could write a bookimage

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  • Oh, I am also trying to plan a big fat Zimbabwean wedding, but its so hard to get some decent services that side.

    I will only be going there in time for the wedding so will probably get most of the things from SA instead i.e. flowers, photographers.

    I have no advice cos am also bricking it.

    i ideally would love it to be at the Victoria Falls hotel, but most people wont be able to get there.
  • Hie ladies have some news h2b went to Zim recently and managed to get in contact with wedding venues. Send me ur email add if u need me to forward photos and packages from the venues.The cost of the whole thing has just gone up.

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  • Quoted:
    Hie ladies have some news h2b went to Zim recently and managed to get in contact with wedding venues. Send me ur email add if u need me to forward photos and packages from the venues.The cost of the whole thing has just gone up.

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    priv82- please can you dish the details for the venues image. I need to start thinking about my budget and venue packages are the most important place to get started- many thanks. please send to [email protected]

    Hooray!! finally getting started

    How big is your wedding going to be?
  • Happy New everyone well i have had to rethink a few things my estimated budget has gone up by £2000.

    On a more cheerful note i have put up some venue links hope they are helpful. venuesontent&view=article&id=58&Itemid=70

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  • WOW, I can't believe I bumpted into this forum, it's just too great.

    I'm getting married in Zim, Harare 27 March this year less than three months. Crazy!

    We still have a few issues to sort out but have managed to finalise the big things: e.g. booked church and filled out all the papers needed (St. Georges College Church) and booked venue, paid deposit - the venue can only host 150 people but I'm sure we've made the right choice - the food is the best you can get in H-town with the most professional people managing it. We've booked the band, I've paid for the dress etc., flowers almost organised, the photographer has done a lot of test shots for us, he's fantastic and even better he's cheap (at least compared to Norwegian prices). We have wedding cake (I really don't want one, but think we need to have one to please the inlaws), car rental, I want a cool safari car ...the biggest issues and what we stress the most with is HIRE OF BRIDESMAID DRESSES AND MA STEPS (traditional zim wedding steps) - I want my girls to have kneeshort dresses that are elegant and not fluffy.

    Hey I'm so glad I bumpted into you all ....and I even see the last post was today ...let's make sure we keep sharing ideas etc. I'm Norwegian - lived six years in Australia and that is where I bumped into my Zimbo at Uni we live in Norway and have to very cute little girls aged 1 and 2, so wedding planning is done in the evenigs and a bit ad hoc ....but it will be perfect on the 27th image

    Ciao for now
  • Priv82- thanks sooo much for the details. I have Pandhari if you are interested- however from what you experienced there I do not think that there is a chance!!! lol However they do have a list of recommended vendors so I think it might be worth having a look.

    When is your wedding going to be?

    Scando- welcome to the site- I can't believe your wedding is only in March- dish the details- what dress have you chosen? I bet your girls will be such cute flower girls. Where are you having the reception?

    Good luck planning girls and please do post.
  • Welcome Scando you seem to have everything undercontrol good luck and hope it all goes well. So have you contacted anyone regarding brdidesmaids dresses.With regards to the masteps ur bridal party will give a great perfomance as i think 1 week of rehersals is enough.Masteps are the highlight of most weddings.Will be waiting to hear from u when u get back as i am very worried abt vendors in Zim etc.
  • Hi again, Scando here... I see I was a bit in a hurry when I wrote the last time, at least if it sounded like we had everything under control.

    We have not organised hey that's stressful, it's not even common to have that in Norway, so I'm clueless as to if it is more normal to rent or buy dresses to the girls - I am meant to pay for the dresses right? We met with a nice "up-to date" girl in Mt. Pleasant who where running her own bridemaid's rental shop - she seemed to know what she was doing and had a few nice dresses to pick from - about 50 US to rent each dress (that's cheap, or?). If we rent we will use her, I have her details if anyone is interested.

    My hubby to be got in contact with a contemporary dancer in zim this week, so he's gonna help us out with the ma steps (we want to have them but with a bit of a modern feel to it) - we're thinking three songs/routines - does that sound OK? One shona song (any tips for a romantic one?) and two rnb stylz songs - any comments...pls? So you think 1 one week is enough? ...we're arrving two weeks upfront, so maybe we'll be ok then...

    I've chosen a Benjamin Roberts dress, not at all what I had in mind, but I'm super happy with it!

    Others than that cake is not ordered, but I have a friend staying in Zim that can help us with both cake and the safari car - so not worried that.

    Our venue is Amanzi Restaurant - we were contemplating to between them and Wild Geese - each place has its own advantages and disadvantages - but for us Amanzi is the perfect spot. We love to dine there both for lunch and dinner when we visit Zim, I've never had a bad meal there, rather all has been amazing. Amanzi has personality, to me it feels like this exotic hideaway in the middle of Harare where you sit out on the garden deck look up onto the stars and feel you're in heaven - I just love it. Andrew the guy running the restaurant as well as Amanzi lodge (where some of our travelling guests will stay, it's very expensive but oh so nice) has been in the business for years first in the UK and for the last years in Zim, he's a real businessman (and probaly earns lot of money on us), but knows his stuff - so I feel I can relax and not worry about that part. Some of the places we were to look at was terrible in terms of management, I really would not be comfortable arranging a wedding from overseas with some of those venues. We'll also buy drinks from Amanzi - and have an open bar (with selected drinks) after the dinner. They have a lady that organise their flowers every week, she will also arrange our flowers for the wedding - but yet to confirm 100% - things go a bit slow for my liking ...getting through to zim on the phone the last two months have almost been impossible, any one else experinencing this?

    Our photograher Fungai is great, he's done a lot of test shots on our girls both here in Norway and in ZIm (he spent some time in Norway last year) - and we're very confident he will do this job - he sees stuff and capture it that the average photographer don't! He's a web developer and into the entertainment industry in Harare and was also the one that introduced us to Hope and her crew - we went to listen to them play at the Book Cafe in September and she's just amazing wow wow - so we've booked her for the whole day with her guys ... - the photos on the web site are taken by Fungai.

    OK guess this is it for now, I know I write way toooo long ....but hope you guys can give me some hints and tips ...and help out ...if you need any info from me don't hesitate ...

    Much love
  • Oh my goodness Scando!!! I just emailed Amanzi for a quote last week. I absolutely fell head over heels in love with the menu- (esp the sushi). I think for me and FH food and wine is the most important thing.I am still waiting for a quotation so that I can compare.

    I was not that impressed with the Wildgeese Menu- and I am not head over heels with the venue itself (the grass always looks dry and dusty).

    Pandhari sent me a quotation- they were decent food wise- but slightly pricey (for not enough). I am willing to pay above the odds for the right venue. But I am not yet convinced about it.

    Scando please email me the quote/menu for Amanzi for me to look at before I get the one I have requested.

    FH went to St Georges so we approve of your ceremony venue- Its absolutely charming.

    I checked out your photographer- Fungai- its a pity there aren't more photos but the couple that I saw look really artistic and he seems to have a good eye.

    I am hoping to buy dresses for my girls, and not rent. I think that with some of my girls living in the United States it is easier to get them to go to Davids Bridal- (and to make them pay for the dresses). I might buy dresses for the bridesmaids in Africa (just because its too expensive etc). I think it really depends on the situation of each girl. But $50 is soooo cheap compared to buying. Seriously cheap.

    I have not been home in 4 years plus- so I am absolutely clueless about whats good music wise- However- I am hoping to do a classic Mafikizolo song- like Ndihambanawe or even a Brenda Fassie song. I am just hoping that it is fun and everyone is up for it. I think one week is plenty- and if your Hubby has found someone to teach you then you are already ahead of the game.

    Which Benjamin Roberts design have you picked? For goodness sake- the more I look the simpler my taste becomes.

    Take care

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  • Hi Scando,congrats on your big day

    We are planning to have our wedding end of may/beg of june.i have qoutes for wild geese,pandari and zimbridal.Could you kindly give us more info on the cost for amanzi i.e food per head,venue,flowers,photographer,drinks etc OR could you kindly email me the qoute to [email protected]
  • Boo Hoo, I'm having absolutely no luck with this planning a wedding thing.

    Firstly I couldnt book the wild geese lodge, then my second option, Borrowdale brookes golf club, someone paid for and booked my reserved date, so now I'm stuck with a Sunday wedding.

    Secondly, I cant find someone to do my cake, and my entertainment.I am freaking out!!!!
  • blackpanther you are not alone, am stuck with a sunday wedding too..and am getting married in august...Getting married at the wild geesse place though i've never been there, i hear its not a bad place. my problem now is intertainment and masteps-hubby to be wants them. hie everyone just found out about you all yesterday and am sooo xcited. prices have gone up for sure-am having 200 pples only and will definately spend well over us10 000 dollars.oouch.
  • Well I am also getting married in August and praying that my venue is still available- ! getting there slowly. I can't imagine a Sunday wedding- just means people won't drink as much (wink wink). I am having 100 people and spending +10 000 (US) lol
  • Shava, I think stick to your Zimbabwe wedding.

    there is a company that deals with all your wedding things like cakes, entertainment, photography and lots more.

    I saw pics from my friends wedding, and wondered how she had managed to achieve all that, and this company did everything for her. the company is called tangerine co.
  • thanks Blackpanther, how do i get hold of these people?? how u getting on with your wedding plans? wish you all the best sha.
  • Shava, here are th details

    e-mail: [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Tel:263.4.882199/ 870836

    Mobile: 263.913.050233

  • Fuck, I just wrote a million words to you guys and it all got deleted, don't have time to rewrite, will do soon.

    Hope you are all well and good luck with planning .....
  • Scando....hurry up and rewrite I am so excited because I think yo might just be my venue twin. I want it there and I think it is sooo beautiful- however I am worried about the 150 limit- it might be impossible with my people!! What to do what to do?? What do you have in mind for the decorations. I am a little confused because I am not sure how they set it up for the wedding- do they put up a tent outside or is it indoors- I am so hopeless!!
  • Thanks Blackpanther, those people are going to do my deco-they are really good but i could not afford them as wedding planners because they are EXPENSIVE !!!

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