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Is no1 getting married in Jamaica??!

Okay, i am new to this site, but i've scrolling along for ages, and can't seem to see any post on weddings in Jamaica.. image am i the only one?!

I'm getting married in Montego Bay, Rose Hall Country Club & Resort in 2008..

Would be nice to share ideas / experiences with people planning their wedding in Jamaica.. or been to the resort i'm getting married at...

Cheers Maz


  • cherenyukcherenyuk Posts: 148
    Hi Maz!!

    I have just joined today but have been coming on this site for the last few weeks and finally I see a post which I can fully relate to!!!!!

    I'm getting married in Jamaica september 2008 but have not one clue where i'm going to hold it. If you could give me some tips and advice as I really dont have a clue on prices or packages. I have emailed a particular resort but they haven't responded and it's been weeks.

    I will leave it at that and wait for your response!

    Ciao CherenyBeany
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Hey CherenyBeany!

    Excellent... im getting married in September as well...! The brochures come out in April, (expect Virgin, whose prices for Sept 08 came out in mid Feb)

    In terms of resort it will all depend on whether you are having children at the wedding, or not..

    Half our guest are children, so we opted for a child-friendly hotel another good child-friendly hotel is Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios...if you don't have children go for Sandals (they do free wedding packages), or Couples in either Ocho Rios or Negril (also free if you stay for min of 7 nts).

    Most packages include:

    Wedding Co-ordinator

    Marriage Licence and Legal Fees

    Minister Fees and Marriage Certificate

    Decorated Ceremony Table

    Wedding Cake

    Bouquet & Buttonhole

    Bottle of champagne/wine

    Witnesses - if required

    Mento Band at reception - our hotel gives us 1hr band as we are having a private beach reception

    Once you are confirmed and paid you deposit, you will get information about the extra's you may wish to have. We plan to:

    Wedding Photo's x36 $365

    Sunset Photo's x10 $175

    Saxophonist $350

    Decorate the gazebo.. not sure of the cost yet...

    As you can see, it can be as expensive or as cheap as you want... A family friend got married in Jamaica last year and it came to $42,000... don't ask me how it came to that!! image

    We are having a group booking, which means 1 adult goes free for each 10 rooms booked, so we are having 13rooms bookef, so one of us are going free, so for the actual free package and holiday for 2weeks is £ those extra's..

    All packages are different, dependant on the hotel you choose... but i hope that gives you an idea.

    Feel free to ask me anything else you can think of...

    Just try and get down to your local travel agent, and start looking through the brouhures that you like the most...
  • cherenyukcherenyuk Posts: 148
    Maz your a star!!image

    I'm going to check out Virgins website and try the travel agents this weekend to get a breakdown of costs and the packages available. I'm off to Jamaica in June so I really wanted to check out some of the resorts for myself. I dont think I have a lot of children coming but I was looking into Jamaica Grande as I know several people who stayed there and really enjoyed it.

    If I think anything else I will definitely be asking you!

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  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Glad what i said was of use!

    Jamaica Grande & Rose Hall was both recommended to me, but when i emailed them to ask about packages, cost, and extra's for the wedding it took Jamaica Grande 3months to reply...! So i just thought forget it...!

    But they are meant to be REALLY good! and my uncle is going in a few weeks for a wedding there..

    Lucky you.. off to Jamaica in June..!! Have a fab time, visiting the island and different resorts... if you do check out Rose Hall Resort, let me know whats it like..!

    Maz x
  • Hi girls,

    I'm getting married in Jamaica, Rose Hall resort this July 07 so there is someone else. I have been a member of the site for about 3 month and have only found about 2 other people getting married in Jamaica. I know someone who got married over ther last year who said it was lovely. and we know people who have been to the resort we're getting married at and they said it was beautiful.

    How is all your planning going? Em x
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    em_elf...Great your getting married there..! I need some ideals on how to do the reception. Where are you having yours? I was thinking of a beach bbq, as we have a lot of children, with a mento band, and saxophonist...?! Not too sure tho..

    Let me know what you are doing!

    Maz x
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    em_elf...Great your getting married there..! I need some ideals on how to do the reception. Where are you having yours? I was thinking of a beach bbq, as we have a lot of children, with a mento band, and saxophonist...?! Not too sure tho..

    Let me know what you are doing!

    Maz x
  • Hi,

    we're not really having a reception out there as it is only family going, so we are going to have a nice meal in the evening. We have decided to just have a garden party when we get back for everyone that didn't come.

    So we can drag our wedding out longer..... which will be great.

    Have you tried downloading the wedding catalogue from the resorts website they have everything the resort does on there.

    Have a look is you haven't already, may give you some ideas!!!

    You going with Virgin? We were going with Virgin but when it came to booking virgin hadn't agreed there contract with the resort so we're going with Thompson instead it has worked out cheaper, and as we (me and h2b) upgraded our room we have managed to get the wedding package for free, just have to pay for the extras i.e photos.

    Think we're going to get married on the beach, but will decide when we get out there and talk to the wedding co-ordinator. Alot less stressful getting married abroad but there is less to do.

    You all sound so organised you put me to shame.

    Em x image
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    I was thinking about having a meal, but they seem to only offer the Luni something restaurant and The Three Palms which i don't understand.... are we having our wedding reception amongst these normal guest!!? Plus i think the kids would want something more active, opposed to sitting down bored at a restaurant...

    So thats why i consider the BBQ on the beach idea, but still not 100% sure, my fiance has given up listening to me now... image

    Thanks for the link.. i've previously downloaded it, printed it out, and looked at the wedding catalog 101 times.. lol

    Yes we are travelling with Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick, currently they seem the best in terms of price for us all. We have upgraded to the Ocean/Deluxe View Room as well to get the free wedding packages, and just going to pay for the extras..

    We are also unsure about the beach or gazebo venue for the wedding.. I thought they beach would be an ideal dream, but i like the way they decorate the gazebo, and think it would be really nice to have pictures with us standing up on it saying our vow..... awww.!! image

    You will have to keep me informed on what you decide, and tell me exactly how the wedding went when you get back!! lol
  • WIll keep you posted on how thing go!

    Your fiance has given up listening to you..... thats not good if your weddings over a year away. lol :\)

    I found the best way to get h2b to listen is to bring things up ever so often, when I was talking about it all the time he didn't listen.

    Have you got anything else sorted! Dress shopping, rings, colours etc...? took my dress home from the shop last weekend was well excited. less then 4 months now.

    You sound so organised... I feel so lazy. at least you have a while to decide exactly what you want for your reception, and have time to organise it all :\)

    The waterfall and ruins look like nice locations to get married on the resort. But got to admit its my h2b's dream to get married on the beach.

    But have agreed to wait until we're over there to decide

    Have fun Planning, Em x
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    lol, He comes home and asks what have you looked at to do with the wedding today... in a very sarcastic tone... I've resigned to lying that I've stopped looking and just going to wait till closer the time!! he he

    Only been to 1 bridal store, and fell in love with a dress by Mori Lee Its really light to wear as it has the 3-4 hoop petticoat to wear underneath it..

    Rings - no

    Colours - will based on my dress, plus my fianc???? wanted duck egg blue added in... So based on that dress it would be white, silver and duck egg blue - for a splash of colour.

    Have you got a link to your dress? When did you find your dress?

    I agree I don't think you can fully decide until you go to the actual location and see it for yourself.. I have seen pictures of a wedding at the ruins on Trip Advisor which looked nice..

    Maz x

  • Hi, here is a link to my dress

    It was the first dress I tried on, I got it from a wedding shop near my mum and dads in st ives, cambridgeshire. The women in the shop looked at me and said she had the perfect dress, as I didn't want to much.

    I think its just enough! The dress you like is lovely.... My colours are ivory and mint green.

    got my everything now apart from Ben's shoes and he wants a smart White leather belt. Cant find one anywhere... any ideas????

    Em x

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