Wedding ring dilemma!

I have a curved engagement ring, trying to decide whther to have a wedding ring made to fit around it or just have a traditional band and wear the engagement ring on my right hand as a normal band does not sit with the engagement ring. What have other people done? How about an eternity ring (assuming I get one!?), would you wear all 3 rings together, all shaped? Help!

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  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    it depends how you want to keep it, a lot of brides get there rings to fit there engagement rings
  • tanneuktanneuk Posts: 71
    How much do you love your engagement ring?

    I adore mine and came to the same problem. I tried on plain bands and it just wasn't right. Luckily I found a ring with some diamonds set in it and it works well with the ring and you don't notice the gap.

    If you love your ring get your wedding ring shaped even slightly. Its likely to be the most expensive item of jewellery you'll own it would be a shame if people didn't know it was your engagement ring. And when it comes to an eternity ring after all that pushing and stretching your man should have one made for you (your worth it for giving him a child)

    Good luck x
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