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Hi Everyone,

have now got a constant grin on my face as we have booked our wedding to St Lucia for next April.

we are taking 20 people out with us & then having a party when home for the rest of the family,

i am now sooo excited that tomorrow is my first appointment to go dress shopping, mum & both bridesmades are coming with me... really cant wait.

One thing ive noticed (and im curious if anyone else has spotted this) that no matter how many wedding magazines ive brought there doesnt seem to be much coverage about weddings abroad...

has anyone else found this??

Has anyone reading this also got a wedding abroad booked? i would love to hear from you - what else your doing when there and so on, i have chosen from my list what "extra's" we are going to ask the resort to provide for us, but it is a little scary in the sence that you cannot finalise all this untill you are out there!!

Anyone else feeling the same?

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  • Hi Debbie,

    I'm not getting married abroad, but my aunt did in Jamaica in 2004. We had around 20 of us that flew out for the wedding. We had a great time. The hotels are really good at making sure that everything is the way you want it. Sometimes its good to call the hotel direct if you have any questions.

    I really hope you have as much fun as we did. I've also been to St Lucia and it's a lovely place. Make sure you vist the active volcano, it smells but it is amazing!

    Caroline x
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Hi Debbie 007..

    Congratulations. I'm getting married in Jamaica next year.

    I know what you mean about the wedding magazines, i find that you get more information online. But was able to order a back issue of Wedding ideas Sept '05 which had a section on weddings abroad, dresses, a few real life weddings, and tips... But other than that i haven't seen much.

    We are not having a reception on return, so all the money is being spent on the reception in Jamaica. So far decided on a BBQ and party on the beach after the ceremony.

    Our extras are going to be:

    36x photographs

    10x sunset photographs


    and the BBQ/Party, which they call a beach carnival!

    We may upgrade to a premium bar (for adults) and sweets station (for children).

    Let us know how the dress fittings go. I've only been to one bridal store, and fell in love with the dress i liked, don't want to try on anything else, otherwise i'd just get confused!! lol

    Good luck

  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi I bought a weddings abroad mag a few months back, they do make them. I got it from WH Smiths. It details everything about different locations and has some real life weddings in there.

    To be honest, the best resource is the web site, check out trip advisor, they are bound to have some info on there. We are thinking about getting married in Hawaii and we found trip advisor really useful! As well as the Knot!
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    Hi Ladies, thanks for posting, well its all signed and sealed now! am im very excited. after numours visits to the hotels own website and talking with others of the wedding party ive been rest assured its all going to be fine, i have contacted the hotel direct & they seem pretty confident they can accomodate our requests. I have also since found "the dress" which is now on order, the venue has been booked for the Reception and everything seems to be under control, im so excited i spend most of my days feeling giddy & its just under a year to go. Some great adverts in the mag this edition - as ive spotted the one about wedding boxes, so i can now feel confident my dress can travel in the cabin with me rather than in my suitcase!

  • Kerrie1ukKerrie1uk Posts: 68
    Hi Debbie

    We have just decided to get married in Dominican Republic next June and was wondering whether you had any problems with family members not coming as it is too far for them to travel.
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    Hi Kerrie,

    well we are very lucky as the 18 people coming with us are both sets of parents, brothers & wifes and sisters and husbands, as im the youngest my neices and nephews wont be coming thats why we are then having the traditional reception when we get home, ive a large family unlike my H2B (just 5 of them!!)

    by having a reception here when we are home, not only do i get to wear my dress again its keeping all the other relatives very happy.

    They all understood as they know im a sun worshiper and they have all asked if i can have our photos ready to view.

    Im sure yours will all go to plan hun xximage
  • chopechope Posts: 3
    Hi Debbie

    Im getting married next year in St Lucia. I haven't booked a date yet but over the next week or two will do. Are you getting a wedding planner?. I know a few people who got married over there and said it was the best thing

    Have you been to St Lucia before?

    I agree with lack of info about weddings abroad, can't beleive how much mags i've got
  • Hi all

    Anybody else booking their weddingmoon through Virgin Holiday! We are looking at going to St Lucia Septemebr 08.

    Love to hear from you!


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  • Hi Debbie

    Congratulations!!! I am getting married in two weeks time in Jamaica. I have a local co-ordinator organising the wedding but have been heavily involved in the preparations too.

    We've opted to get married in a villa as it was more flexible and allowed to have more control over we can have and for how long. We have about 55 families and friends coming over from all...Check out our villa

    p.s i didn't find any good magazine out there but some websites are great, especially local ones. Try and speak with their tourist board and shop around if you can. Don't be afraid to ask for something you want, keep record of everything they promise you as you may need it as proof ( i knowimage

  • Hi Debbie

    We are getting married in April in St lucia too. I would love to hear some of your ideas about your wedding. What date are you getting married? We are on the 10th. We have choosen a sea view location. Are you using a wedding co ordinator from St lucia we are and so far i am very impressed with them. How did your dress shopping go. i have got my dress but i am worried i will be to warm. Im now trying to find bridesmaid dresses and wrecking my brain to think of a colour scheme that will be complimenting to the caribbean scenery.

    Love to hear from you

  • hi guys, we're thinking of honeymooning in St Lucia - where are you guys staying??
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    Hi Alex100

    congrats too... how exciting is all this! my countdown is now 196 days... so im smiling as im under the 200 days hahaha. were planning to get married on 03.04.08, we booked thru Virgin and they have so far worked really close with me to ensure all what ive thought of is possible plus i took it upon myself to email the hotel direct (cocnut bay resort & spa) and the wedding co-ordinator there has been totally fab getting back to me i really cant wait to meet her - i hope she lives up to her promises!

    Dress shopping was excellent, it should come in in Nov.. then time for a bit of tweeking... my bridesmaid dress arrived last week, she looked amazing in a lemon halterneck light floaty long number (shes 6ft tall lucky cow!) we picked it from - have a look....

    then we are having our party when we get back... cant wait.

    Have you got lots of people going out with you? ahh soo nice to hear someone else going out same time ect.. we must stay in touch and swap stories !! xx
  • Hi Debbie

    Lovely to hear from you. We are doing things a bit different we are booked on a Carribean Cruise and are only in St.Lucia for that day of the wedding. We are booked with a wedding company called take a look you might find a picture of your wedding location as they all seem to use the same sites. This company have been brilliant. This web site will also show you additional services they supply for the wedding day like transport, flowers and Caribbean traditions. It might give you some more ideas.

    One problem we had was once we said we were going on a cruise to get married a lot of our older relatives jumped at the idea to come too. But never the less we have 20 people going with us. The ceremony is on a sea view and then reception is Jacques restaurant who will then later on transport us back to our cruiseliner in their private boat.

    Taking my bridesmaids shopping on friday, that should be fun hope they all agree.
  • Hi


    I am getting married in St Lucia on the 29/04/09 I am also using awesome carribean weddings and cannot fault them so far only issue I have at the momment is I am not keen on what is being suggested for the evening meal. I looked at Jacques menu but thought that the food sounded a bit fussy are you having the set menu for your guests or have you managed to get Kayt and her team to put something together for you ?
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