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Hi everyone

I'm getting married in Jamaica in September 2008 but worried what make up I should use due to the heat. I dont want to look all shiny and my current make -up doesnt seem to be working for me. My skin is a combination as I have dry and greasy areas. I wanted to try some products now so I have plenty of time to see what works best for me. I only use powder & blush when I go out so have no clue when it comes to foundation.

If anyone recommends any particular products that have worked for them please let me know. :\)


  • tanneuktanneuk Posts: 71
    Benefit does a blush and a bronzer in a liquid form a couple of drops and a rub and it stains your cheeks. It comes in a little glass pot like a nail varnish and you don't need much as it lasts forever since you only use 3 drops on each cheek.

    I combat shine/grease with clinique blotting paper. Its about £7.50 for a pack and they are fabulous they're not powdery like some others they just mop up the yucky bits - Just Brilliant!

    Hope that helps x
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    if you have oily cobination skin then i suggest you don't use a liquid foundation, as it can make you appear more greasy, if you can i would go for a 3in 1 foundation a powder which has concelear in it.

    As an alternative ody shop do a small tube of matt effect gel, its 9 and completely matts your face, no matter how much you sweat it won't show through, you put it on as a base under your make up. xx
  • cherenyukcherenyuk Posts: 148
    Hi t*anne thanks for the benefit suggestion I will probably give it a try. I just got these blotting papers from Superdrug can you believe it!! They are really good, there not the powdery type and they only cost £2 for 200 sheets. I have used them a couple times and they are excellent!

    Hi Sweetnsassy

    I hear what your saying about liquid foundation and wanted to know if you know of any good 3 in 1 make up? I will definitely try the body shop gel you mentioned as that sounds like just what I need!!

    Your both stars!!

  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    there is one by jane iredale, it can, be a bit expensive, but not overly. it is made from natural minerals so its better for your skin also.
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