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Afro/Caribbean hair salons in London,Anyone know a good 1?

Help! I'm looking for a good hair salon in London for me to do braids or possibly Pick and Drop and need suggestions as to where to go.

Thanks ladies!

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  • What part of London? Do you prefer home service? Email me.
  • feelofeelo Posts: 306
    Yes, i do! Asquared salon in Catford! You'd never think it but that diamond jewel was just given Stylist of the Year and Team of the Year recently. I've been going there for the past few months and i can't fault them - they're on time, efficient (they charge you if you're late), v professional and just amazing! Check them out on their website! Hope that helps image
  • If you decide that you want a home service instead,

    try Nu Woman Beauty, for a small travel charge they will come to your home to do the hairstyle of your choice..and if you want them to style your pick and drop for your had really better call them as they are fantastic bridal hair specialists for afro hair.
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