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hi ladies......i would like to say a few words at the wedding about loved ones that we have lost

that unfortuanately can't be with us on our special day but don't have the foggiest about what

to say or how, is anyone else doing this? how are you wording it?

any suggestions? xx


  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    we will mention rays dad more than once probably. I know his bro & best man will in his speech and i will mention my nan in mine. but i know rays family and what happened aty his bro's wedding. every time someone so much as mentioned his dads name the whole scottish side of the family started bawling....loudly! i did too though so oh well!
  • i was thinking about doing this as well cos i know my cousin would love to be with us on the day. i really want to mention her in my speech cos she meant so much to me but i'm worried her mum, my auntie may break down...and i really don't want to upset anyone. i was thinking though because my cousin never met my H2B something along the line of "i know she would ahve loved u as much as i do...."


  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    thats sweet..........x
  • thanks.

  • thanks.

  • Hi are you having a civil service or a church wedding ?

    I dont know about civils ervices but the vicar asked us if we wanted him to remember anyone who had passed away and mention them in the service

    I thought it was a lovely guesture and saved me getting all choked up later xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • millsy2bmillsy2b Posts: 341
    im having a memorial candle made for my my mam as we lost her last year and we will light this through the church and reception i think everyone is dreding the speeches to be honest for this reason.
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    ok, millsy sorry to hear that, happygirl, that is a lovely thing, think maybe we could talk to our priest, that sounds like a lovely way of doing it without everyone getting all emotional afterwards, xx
  • fapohurefapohure Posts: 26
    My Dad died 2 years ago and there will be a variety of things that I intend to do to honour him on that day. The first one is get married at his church. The second is type a message in my order of service book, I am thiking about the third. I was Daddy's girl, so its actually going yto be a bitter sweet experience. I'll be walking down the aisle with my brother....!
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