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Hey all....

I'm originally from British Guyana (posted one up here the other day) and I need to find some traditions from that area. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of my heritage at all and think it important to honour it on our wedding day.

Does anyone know anything about South American/Caribbean wedding traditions such as jumping the broom?



  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    jumping the broom is the only one i know of! sorry

    have you tried googling it? xx
  • MrsSomshor2BMrsSomshor2B Posts: 320
    Hiya Lady_Grant_Rilly

    My H2B is from Trinidad and I would like to include something of his culture as well but not really sure what to do. I have asked him and he just says he doesn't know even though he lived there until he was 14. I was thinking about speaking to his mum about it but worried if I even mention the wedding to her she will try to take over. She did everything for his older brothers wedding, and her taste is very different to mine. If I get any info from her I will pass it on. I do have a steel pan band to play in the afternoon while we get our photos done I am very excited about it as I am keeping it secret from everyone

  • 141Bash141Bash Posts: 500
    Try searching for African-American weddings on Amazon, it comes up with plenty of books on the subject of traditions you can add to your ceremony. I haven't found a British version of these books but the info is still really helpful. My H2B is British Caribbean so we are having an African-Caribbean theme at our wedding.
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