Weedings in paradise?


Who else out there is considering a caribbean wedding? After being continually asked "when's the big day" when we haven't got a clue where to start, we're very tempted to just go abroad and spend the money upgrading to 1st class and having a fortnight in complete luxury, with someone else to organise everything. Thinking about doing this then having a blessing or at least a good party to celebrate when we get back. Only trouble is, do we invite the parents along for the wedding-can't imagine sharing a honeymoon with them!!!


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    Hi, This is my first posting. I am getting married in Jamaica with about 50 guests.. check out tropicalweddingsjamaica.com for ideas on weddings abroad. We are using this wedding planner company and have heard positive feedback

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    will have to try that one, we've only been to Jamaica once, but really loved it. We can't help thinking we don't want the stress and worry and would like to relax and get a bit of a tan before the big day!!
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    Hi welcome Mrs Mc

    Just looked at your website,making me jeleous already, have had thoughts of marrying abroad at times (especially when every one is p******g me off) but even that would cause drama. wishing you both all the best.
  • Hello ladies

    We decided to get married abroad very soon after the proposal. We chose Barbados not in a lets elope kind of way but rather lets make super special so its doubling up as a family reunion as for having in-laws on the honeymoon the plan is to be away for 3 weeks in total week 1 alone week 2 friends and family arrive for the wedding which is the end of week 2 then week 3 we hop to St. Lucia alone. At the end of the day its about us ...afterall you're only supposed to do it once they say!!! Good luck in making you descison
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    Hi Barry'sGirl, my parents are Bajan and have just come back from 4 weeks out in B'dos celebrating their 40th. For your week with just the two of you, you may want to have a look at what my parents did which was a a week of cruising the Caribbean. They went with Carnival and said that it was rather a young crowd. They had a whale of a time and if you book with Carnival's US site, it is cheap as chips!!

    Just an idea!!
  • Thank you Andipink, its something we've thought about, I love Barbados there's always something to do. my family are also Bajan so i guess the week alone is just wishful thinking

    Thanks again
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    H Bec, we are getting married in Jamaica, but initially wanted to get married in Maldives just the two of us, but after finding out they don't do weddings in Maldives we changed the location loads, and finally choose Jamaica with about 35+ guest attending!! We have decided that it is lovely to have our close family and friends attend the wedding, and we are all staying at the same resort. We plan to have a belated honeymoon for our 1st year anniversary in Maldives, as just the two of us. You could also consider staying at a different resort to your family and friends so that you do have your own time alone... Im glad we have opted for a wedding abroad, its worked out well for us both, and would recommend it to anyone. Get a load of Caribbean brouhures; Virgin, Kunoi, Thomson... and have a look through at the different resorts that do weddings and the different packages that they have. xx
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