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chuch drama

Hi Girlies

I really need some help finding a chruch to have the ceremony at. I live in Enfield ( middlesex) and all the churches are saying that i need to be living in the Parish. Ive seen some beautiful churches with beautiful settings for lovely photos and because i dont live in the Parish, I cant use them.

Its really stressing me now as I dont know what to do. Ive always wanted to get married in a beautiful church, in a beautiful the moment, it look very unlikely.

Getting Married Next year June and wondered if anyone could help and know of some nice churches



  • Have you thought about a venue with a chapel attached. That way you can get a church wedding without the parish restrictions.

    We are getting married at Combe Bank in Kent and it fulfils that brief, which was important to us.
  • if you look on it has details stating that they cannot do this?! okay you will have to go for 6 months to get on the electoral register but its possible. Have you got any links to churches? we went to our near local one hwere we like the priest etc.. if its just to tick the box of a venue maybe look at a chapel liek someone else suggested.. if its becuase the church means something to you then perhaps invest the 6 months. good luck
  • I take it this will be a C of E ceremony??

    What about a Methodist/Baptist ceremony if your original choice still insists you're on the electoral roll??
  • Tanti1Tanti1 Posts: 41
    I think it must depend on the church and how strict the priest is. I'm getting married in a CofE church and we don't live in the parish. The priest (actually I don't think he is a priest but anyway) said that if we had a connection with the area it was fine our connection is that we both lived and grew up within the parish but we don't now and haven't done for some time. To be honest even if we had no connection I'm sure he would have married us.

    I would suggest contacting all of the churches you like if you haven't done so already. I always thought that Roman Catholic churches were a lot more strict than C of E. Also I distinctly remember the "priest" saying that the rules about where you can marry are a lot looser than they used to be.

    Don't wish to be crude but also remember this is an income earner for churches, so I'm sure there is a savvy "priest" out there who will be happy to accommodate .... hope you get your church soon.

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