Please help! Venue dressing & Floristy urgently needed

Hi Ladies,

I am starting to freak out. Wedding is looming ever closer AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH

And I still have no venue decoration or flowers sorted. Namely because when I did enquire from local florists and the like it just seemed way too expensive to think about then...but now I have no choice. You guys must know someone in your little blac book you can recommend to me so please do. I will be forever grateful. Please save my guests from sitting in a bare room!!

I am in South London near Bromley Kent but would appreciate links London, Surrey and even Essex wide as I am that desperate.


  • Hiya

    I am using jojo decorators put their name in google and you will find the website, they do everything.

    When is the big day?
  • Hi Yfowy. The big days are the 4th and 5th of June respectivelly. I am off googling right now and thanks for the name.
  • swongswong Posts: 306
    try Kirsty I know she works into London a lot, and has a great team of florists etc she calls on.

    If you are still stuck email me and I will go through my contacts

    Good luck

  • Hi Milly shops, I thought i read from another forum that you are going with Bukola for your Decor.

    I beg i have paid my desposit to Bukola and have an appointment with her in April to see samples of my centrepiece etc.

    I am 100% happy with her service, she has even invited me to see one of her setups in March.

    please if there is any thing negative you have decovered about her , please share .

    I am an ijebu woman and i have worked very hard for this wedding, would not want to fall into the wrong hands.

  • afrosueafrosue Posts: 13
    hey, i have some ideas as to what to do to getting it done cheaper, call me on 07404030982..

    oh but get a quote first and then i will see if a florist friend of mine can help you out for less.

    Hope it will be still helpful
  • fayth-annefayth-anne Posts: 22
    give Anne-Marie a call on 07983915025 she would be able to sort something out. she lives near you and know the best venues ( for good price) and florists

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