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Hello Ladies

I get married next year August, all was going well, the church is booked, we have our date. We are struggling to find a self catering venue. We went to view the local Carnival Arts centre and I really like it, however as soon as we tell them we want our own catering they add on all sorts of ridiculous fees. Not sure of any other venues in the area that is able to hold 160-200 guests for a reception, at a reasonable price. And because August is such a popular month, we really just want to get it sorted....

I just wanted to know, or hear from any other Caribbean/African brides that are having the same problem with finding a venue around their area, and how they dealt with it. I live in bedfordshire , and because we have such a HUGE Asian community, the hire for venues are either extremely high or exclusive to the indian culture (i.e - only offer indian menu's, or discount for Indian brides).

Its very frustrating.

Any thoughts, or venue ideas from anyone.... image

MrsShorter 2 B xxx


  • sue247sue247 Posts: 65
    Hi yes i know the problems we struggled to find a venue where you could do your own catering . have you tried the Peter Newton Parvilion ( back on Tescos -Dunstable ) they allow you to use the kitchen i booked there & was told they are doing it up so i was really peased when i saw they they have actually build a new building . I think the amount of people you are looking for they should be able to hold . Good luck. let me know how you get on.
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    how far beds. are you considering... I know lots of venues in berks?

    I struggled with this too, and the only place you can go that wont expect you to pay $$£££$$ for kitchen hire/exclusive use is a community centre or somewhere that does not offer catering services.

  • sue247sue247 Posts: 65

    Hi any luck with finding a venue ? yet Mrs Shorter 2B

  • kerrygab02kerrygab02 Posts: 1

    i'm using a real nice school in bedford, it holds up to 400 ppl. the hire price is set, you pay for the hire of the hall and kitchens with no hidden extras. contact me if you are interested
  • Hello ladies

    So the latest - we have seen a couple of venues...In Luton the Stockwood Gold club is an option as well as the Luton carnival Arts centre.

    kerrygab02 - if you could email the school details I would be very interested. ([email protected])

    Thanks ladies for the support...

    I hope all your wedding plans are going well.

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