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Help Event Coordinator Needed for a Wedding in Scotland.

Hi all!!!,

I am looking for a mobile event coordinator who would travel to Scotland to coordinate my wedding. Advice, help needed.


  • The new yayw site is so confusing, not sure how to get message/reply alerts, so apologies if I'm late replying.
  • Hi AlphoDeltaecho

    Try contacting Unique Dream Weddings, these ladies are good!!, i have seen them work at previous weddings, they are very professional i have also booked them for my wedding. give them a ring on 07983915025 or 079514385700.

    Check out their website on

    Kind Regards

  • Hello,

    Thanks for replying.

    I have but they do not have my date free image

    Any other suggestions? Anyone, everyone, pls? image
  • afrosueafrosue Posts: 13
    You can try Ruth at House of manna events on 07762563606... she did my wedding in ghana but is based here, very lovely lady.image
  • Oh thanks Afrosue, the new YAYW site so confusing, not receiving 'reply alerts'.
  • afrosueafrosue Posts: 13
    i know the site is really
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    Where abouts in Scotland or just to travel around scotland?

    Susan Kirkness in Highland is a well respected wedding organiser....
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