Beauty & Makeup for the Big Day!

Hi ladies!

I am here to answer any questions or concerns you might have about Wedding Day Beauty!

I am an experienced beauty consultant, having freelanced with MAC and Clinique, and also had experience with Make Up Forever, Bobbi Brown and some other niche but top quality brands.

I am employed in the beauty industry and I am a lawyer in training so I do not solicit clients personally for shoots/bridal etc...I do enjoy advising and consulting and shopping with people who ask me for advice, so I do that on a regular basis (for free).

So I am not trying to hustle business, but to help!

I looooove what I do, and helping women to look fabulous for big occasions. I love educating and empowering women to spend wisely and buy products that really work.

If you have any questions, concerns, dilemmas, product recommendations needed, advice etc...this thread is for you to ask!

I am doing my own bridal makeup for my wedding, my sis-in-law did hers too...If you are thinking about doing your own makeup but don't know where to start....If you have any questions before your makeup trial consultation......If you want me to help you pick a look/shades/products....Tips on the gold standard for black women in keeping your makeup intact all day.....go ahead!



  • Hi SoDivine, if you live in London and are willing to, I am looking for a make up artist for my 9 OCT wedding. thanks
  • So Divine, I do not wear make up only dust on the odd bit of iman powder now and then. I am looking for a nice foundation that is not too heavy and looks quite matt. I have been told to try Mac. My aunt recently bought a product called blackup. I wondered if you had heard of it, what you think? It looks really nice, but I am worried as it is not a known brand.

  • hello, thank you for posting this cos ive had a few concerns about my make up (as im doing it myself)

    the problem is that my skin has reccently became really oily (ive just stopped taking the contraceptave pill hence problem skin now) and ive tried oil free make up but im still really oily...any tips to help reduce shine??

    thank you in advance x
  • Hi!


    Its a pleasure!

    You need to focus now on your skin, and regulating the condition and oil production of your skin. It's quite a dramatic change that your body is responding to, but it's quite a normal reaction. You'll have to give it a little while for the reaction subside and to become more moderate. But your main concern should be your skin primarily: no amount of oil-free makeup will address your underlying oily skin.

    What are you using to treat (cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate) your skin on a daily basis?

    Then to reduce the shine through makeup, a primer is key (a good one...believe me, I have tried MANY!), and a reputable, solid brand of makeup. You want to go for something that is well formulated to be long wearing.

    What oil-free makeup were you using?

  • sue247sue247 Posts: 65

    I,m getting married end of july, not yet got hair & make up sorted out yet aaaaahhhh .

    Hair is relaxed at the moment , been growing it out for last year its in a short bob , but i don,t have the thickness there

    Thinking about getting pieces put in to give it fullness & would like to wear up.

    when do you think i should have it done?

    Plus i don,t wear alot of make up & would only want minimum on the day, but deff eyelashes as mine are very fine ,but would like to achieve a polished look . do you think i shold get some one to do my make up ?

    Thanks for your posting .
  • Hey Mssoon2bCephas,

    I think its a natural inclination to desire a matte look. Sometimes matte can look "flat" though, and it;s a delicate balance to achieve. I would recommend a "glowy/dewy" complexion, to give your face dimension, life and a healthy look. You can achieve this with a slightly creamy foundation (the new MAC Mineralized SPF 15 is beautiful) or build in other "complexion enhancing" products (bronzer, highlighter, liquid enhancer).

    MAC I guess is the go-to brand for us women of colour, but as they have such a wide range of foundations, taking time to make the right choice is key. I would definitely explore that as an option though.

    Depending on your undertones, Bobbi Brown is also a great brand especially for bridal makeup. Their Skin foundation is beautiful if the shade fits. That's another to add to the list!

    Makeup Forever is a great brand, with real quality to the foundation, and a very professional orientation. The HD foundation is love. It is again dependent on getting the right shade, but it is really just lovely. Looks like perfect skin without being detectable. This is quite pricey, but worth it especially for your big day. Its availability is limited in the UK but if you need help, just let me know.

    I do know of blackup! I am keen on brands from France for black skin...they somehow seem to get it right, compared to similar UK brands. I have not worked with the products or used them personally but I plan to. It is a bit pricey, which left me a bit hesitant initially because it is still "relatively new". I have heard a few good reviews of certain products, so I am intending in due course to explore further. It is sold by debenhams online, and recently went into some of the stores....

    A brand definitely worth exploring. I would recommend trying it out in store/getting a sample before buying....

  • Hi Brownbabygirl,

    Why dont you send me some information about you/your wedding/what you're looking to achieve....I'll see how I can help you!

  • Hi SueTB!

    Your want to be finding/identifying your hairstylist about now, and going in for your consultation. At least to be sure that you're happy and comfortable with the person doing your hair, and their ability.

    Your hair might need a few treatments in the months before, so I would get those done professionally now, if you normally do them at home.

    For the actual day, you want to have the pieces put in around 2-5(max) days before, then have it styled/updo on the day. I say 2-5 days because:

    - you want to get used to them and know that they feel comfortable before the day

    -they need to "settle in" and any tightness subside before the wedding

    -but you don't want them to start looking old/rough (satin scarf or pillowcase girl!)

    My personal recommendation: I periodically use the aveda salon for a wash/blowdry/treatment. It is amazing (in my experience) and well worth the money. Nadine who was at Marylebone High St salon which has now moved to Covent Garden (and I can't remember her last name at the minute) is a great afro-caribbean hair stylist (I went to her with natural/virgin hair and came out swinging like Cheryl Cole- without a relaxer!) and the products are really "salon quality". The "Brilliant" range is made specifically for relaxed/afro textured hair.

    Re: Makeup....the minimal look is the way to go...! You want to look like a more polished version of "you", and not somebody totally different. You can certainly do your makeup yourself, a couple of practices and you'll be good to go. But it depends how confident you feel...? If you want to go down this route, I'm happy to guide you. A simple, polished look is possible to achieve yourself. Something more glamorous or requiring more skill with colour might not be...

    I think that in your situation, you have to look into costs of hiring someone and determine if it is worth it. Weigh it against the cost of you buying products yourself that you will need, and against your budget in total.

    Eyelashes...if you're going to get them, please do not get them done at a "hair salon" for £12 using any kind of glue! Please get them done professionally and properly. That doesn't have to cost the earth, and I'm sure there are local places which can do them inexpensively. I would recommend getting individuals for a natural look...that way they can be placed sparingly along your lash line, as opposed to strip lashes. I am trying to think of a reputable recommendation...I shall think and let you know!

  • I went to the MAC makeup counter on Saturday and they were amazing! The lady was able to identify the correct foundation just by looking at me! I'm getting married abroad so she recommended a powder foundation.

    I'm interested in single lash extentions though, how much do they usually cost?
  • This is my list of top picks for bridal beauty: if you want a personal, tailored recommendation, let me know and I shall do one for you!

    These are products which I have found to be industry acclaimed, because they are tried and tested. Not because they are featured in a magazine, or a certain celeb claims to use them. I have personally tried each one, but please remember that with all products of this nature, your results may vary! Trials and practice runs absolutely necessary before the day...and try to get samples/consultation/look done before purchasing something which you later discover doesnt work for you!


    Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance

    - for keeping your eye makeup in place all day.

    I used to use Urban Decay, but I now prefer Too Faced, because I feel that it is easier to blend colour over and is more invisible on dark skin.


    - Inglot

    - MAC

    - Bobbi Brown

    These are my top three picks for bridal eye makeup. Inglot (available in their store at Westfield, London) has some lovely smooth and sparkly eyeshadows, and they are inexpensive for the quality. There are some beautiful bronzes, golds, pinks, purples and oranges that would be perfect for a wedding. These are not well known and rather underrated but lovely.

    MAC needs little explanation! I do use less of them now than I used to because there is so much else that is great out there...but for dark skin, Sable, Patina, woodwinked, bronze, mulch, amber lights, twinks (I could go on!) are great neutrals for a bride. The rest of their colour spectrum is great for traditional weddings (ie nigerian), but I would probably stick to the neutrals for the white wedding.

    Bobbi Brown is, in my opinion, the expert when it comes to bridal beauty. She has the glowy look down to an art with her whole range, from blush to eyes to skin to cheeks. It is absolute natural all the way with Bobbi! I do prefer using BB eyeshadows for fairer skinned brides though. My sister in law used everything BB on her wedding day, and she looked like the Bobbi Brown poster girl- absolutely gorgeous.

    (rest of the face to come....image
  • Hi MrsHadden2b!

    I'm so pleased when I hear about a happy MAC customer! Too often it's the opposite! Which counter did you go to?

    Have you tried the foundation on at home? Please make sure you do, because the last thing you want is looking at your pictures and feeling upset!

    I think you should have still had it tested in the store: sometimes it could be a shade out and it's worth testing just to be sure. Also, a wedding demands a higher performance from your foundation.

    My advice? Test drive it. Put it on for a whole day, and go about your business. Examine it in all lights; indoor natural daylight; indoor artificial lighting; outside in daytime and at night. TAKE PICTURES in each of these lighting conditions!! This is crucial. You will be snapped from all angles, at all times, with or without notice, in all sorts of conditions on your wedding day. It's great if it performs on the day, but you need to be sure about your photos too.

    Check these things out asap so you can remedy them if necessary and amend your purchase. Make sure to use a brush rather than the sponge to apply it, for buildable not cakey coverage, and a flawless finish. I recommend the MAC 187 but it does cost more than the foundation itself...image can buy the ones from the store (eyelure from boots/superdrug) and have someone put them on for you.(I'm talking about individuals). In that case, it isn't expensive BUT they should go on no earlier than a day before the wedding, if not the actual day. You have to treat/wash your face carefully, and no rubbing eyes!! So the less time you have them on before the day, the less chance that you would have pulled them off by then!

    Many high street salons (professionally run, and not necessarily black) can do these, and it isn't expensive (shouldn't be more than £25 which is a lot, in my opinion). They are actually designed for self-application, so ask around people you know, and you will probably find someone who can do them amongst your network. Salons where they do eyebrows will also most likely be able to do them.

    Whatever you do....tell them what look you are going for and how full you want them....and keep looking periodically to make sure that you are happy with them! You do not want to wait until it is all finished, and see some unknown dark creature upon your eyes. I've witnessed this, it isn't nice!

    If it's strip lashes, they take a couple minutes to do...just before you finish your eye makeup on the day. You can do those yourself/get a hand to help you. Again, these can be bought from the store inexpensively.

    You can also buy strip lashes from MAC and Shu Uemura (these are the best two high end brands to buy) and they will put them on for you for free when you buy them at the counter.

    If you want to go all out and get proper eyelash extentions, the type that can last for between 6-12 weeks...then that will cost, anything from 60-couple hundred...

    Enquire at salons in your area first...and go from there. I know someone that had theirs done here..

    *this is not an endorsement or recommendation but may be worth enquiring*
  • Also do eyelash extensions

    Single lash extentions means: no rubbing, no oil based products, gentle face cleansing, no mascara, no steam etc....

    If done properly though, they can look really nice, and very natural;)
  • hey thank you for the advice image ive been using Simple cleanser, i havnt been using a toner tbh and i generally use nivea mosturiser, erm exfoliator i generally use either number 7 or a tea tree/which hazel cheap one from asda :P

    the oil free foundation ive tried was a max factor second skin, and i tried a collection 2000 one too

    ive never tried a primer but have been told before it would help but tbh i have no idea what too look for or whats best to buy, so have just sort of avoided it x
  • sue247sue247 Posts: 65


    Thank you for the advice and time you have given my quirey will take all on board and act on ,thanks again .

    If you know of any recommendations, places or people in the bedfordshire area i would love to hear of them , origianally from Birmingham but think too far to travel back and forth for treatments.

    thanking you again X.

  • sue247sue247 Posts: 65



    Whats your take on the Beverly Knight products , went to one of the department stores today and had some of her foundation products applied matt primer , light coverage foundation & matt compact, it was just the look i wanted , only minimal applied but had the polished look i,m after . i,ve had it on all day & my face feels fine & not tight or dry , price wise is this at the lower end of the scale or about average?

  • Hi SoDivine.

    Thanks for your adviceimageI will go and try them all and see which ones I like. I have a sample pot from Mac so I will see if I can obtain others. BlackUp is sold in Moorley's in Brixton for those of you who live in South London.

  • Hi Mssoon2bCephas,

    No worries. Please let me know how you get on!
  • HI SueTB,

    You're very welcome image

    I don't know off the top of my head...but I will certainly think and ask around. It is more likely that you will have to travel (hopefully not too far) to get a good stylist/artist.

    Alternatively, you could call around salons that you know in your area, and ask questions! Ask what products they use, the type of treatments, etc...

    That will give you a good idea of what they know about hair! Money should be the last thing you ask about because it is the thing that is least relevant to an honest assessment of a good treatment. First you must determine what they are offering; only then can you determine whether the price is reflective and proportionate.

    In Beds you will likely pay more for an afro-caribbean hairdresser, simply because the market permits! It is also probable that there are not as many *good* stylists, compared to the big cities.

    If you let me know your findings, I can help you choose. If salons are charging high amounts and using Motions/Organic Root Stimulator/Dark & Lovely then I would not choose them at all. Some salons prey on ignorance to make money! For proper, high quality hair treatments you are looking out for: Aphogee, Keracare, Aveda, Mizani, Phytospecific, Nexxus....and maybe a couple more.

    Hope that helps. Keep me updated!

  • Hi Sue,

    Re: Beverley Knight

    The prices are equal/comparative to MAC, so definitely average for the market. I am sure that was intentional because of course, they want to capture the Woman of Colour market which MAC holds! This is also reflected in the distribution agreement in place, limited to Selfridges initially, and subsequently a roll-out to selected department stores.

    My thoughts on the range....

    I think the blushes are great! Perfect, being made for "our" skin, they are nicely pigmented, and you can get the shades that some other brands don't have. But I am a sucker for pretty blush, so I was easily impressed! They are good quality too, they wear for the whole day, so no cheap/chalky/dusty products. A bit small for the price I felt, but a new brand has to claw back all its costs, eh?!

    The foundation seems nice from what I have tried and heard! I haven't worn it for an extended period of time to really trial it (I only have one face! And I must test everything first on myself before using it on clients) but it certainly didn't seem offensive the first time I tried it...I guess at worst, it could be one of those brands that is good/ok/nothing particularly amazing or bad about it. I don't know when I will get round to really delving in to it though....

    There are a good range of colours...unless you are especially "fair", in which case you might struggle, as the shades are more mid/"cafe" brown to start with, going into the deepest dark skin shades. They also have a primer which I like the feel of. Don't forget that a primer will be essential for your wedding day! (I have mentioned that I am personally partial to MAC Prep + Prime SPF50/'L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing/Philosophy The Present but there are many options out there.)

    The eyeshadow didn't impress me too much because they were a little powdery, and having been used to working with "professional" quality formulated for intense conditions, I thought they were a little more work than I am prepared to invest.

    I think the face base products are definitely worth checking out. I don't necessarily think that all brands are rubbish and there is "The One" out there. I think that there are many options which are suitable for you and could look good on you. Ultimately it comes down to whether you like what you see in the mirror/in pictures. I currently own 6 different foundations for my own use (!) which I alternate depending on: my mood, the weather, the occasion, the location, the time of day (daytime/evening) and a host of other factors! Crazy, but it goes to show that more than 1 brand could provide a good match for you!

  • But Sue, most importantly, you came away with the look that you were after! I think if you can determine that it looks good in pictures and lasts all day (with primer), then it is definitely a strong contender!

    You would then have to think about light touches of colour to go on top: blush, lip colour and gloss, and a simple combination of eyeshadows. These may not necessarily be from K by Beverley Knight....and there are more options with colour cosmetics than there are for foundations!
  • *Skincare Info*

    You probably have seen the adverts by now about the new Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. The adverts are everywhere and you can't miss them! You may have even tried the predecessor, Even Better serum.

    The national launch is 30 April, but I have been using the product since January 2010. I am on my second bottle now.

    I do not often disseminate information received from PR and products I have tried, because I find many of them uninspiring, and unsuitable for women of colour. As women of my colour are my main client base, I assess all products with black women in mind. So when I come across a good product, I tell everyone I know!

    Clinique's new Even Better Clinical is one of those products. It has been ages since I tried a skincare product that lived up to the hype. Seriously though, this does. I don't think enough marketing is going towards the black/asian community, but it should, because this product produces truly remarkable results, and as we know, hyperpigmentation is a serious concern in our communities. This product does exactly what it says in the name, which is what I love about clinique. Everything you need to know about the product is in the name!

    I have spoken to Clinique consultants, and they have all spoken very highly of the results of this product, from black to asian to caucasian. The press are onto this like no other skincare product I have witnessed in my working life! And the amount of customer interest has generated waiting lists which I have seen with my own 2 eyes!

    I could go on and on and on: but I won't! All I will say is that everything you read about it is true: my dark marks have cleared quite dramatically, and my skin really does look even toned, clear, and so much brighter. I love the fact that there is finally something SAFE and EFFECTIVE to clear hyperpigmentation that you can buy on a main shopping street, that will not have harsh effects and is not a bleaching cream.

    If this is an issue you have with your skin, I would urge you not to sleep on this. Besides hydroquinone at 4% (which you should only be using if prescribed by your dermatologist/doctor!!!) this is the only product to produce safe and effective results.

    Google reviews! It launched early in America, so there are quite a few out there already online. Then pick one up instore...I promise you will love it!
  • If you have a wedding this summer, please don't wait until June/July to decide to work on your skin! If you are going to try the Even Better Serum, I would advise doing so now rather than in 2 months time, because you will need a few weeks of consistent use to see results.

    Yes, that is the catch! image It is not an overnight miracle! It is a hardworking and remarkable product but it does require committment and your effort (twice a day application is a huge effort, I know!:lolimage. But what you put into it, is what you get out....well actually, you get out more than you put in!

    I just don't want someone screaming at me because they used it the night before their wedding, and didn't wake up with perfect even toned skin!

    Oh, and it is £37.50 image
  • Hi SDB!

    I actually had a free makeup trial instore so got to see what it was like straight away. I did it in Debenhams Bristol.

    I will definitely look into strip lashes!
  • nicnicsnicnics Posts: 89
    Hi SoDivine,

    Thanks so much for the advice you have given on here so far I have found it really helpful! I've just got a question regarding facials, I'm getting married a year today and want to get my skin in top condition for the day and so am thinking about having regular facials, but I really do not know where to start.

    My skin is combination, prone to dryness but then often looks shiny half-way through the day. I luckily don't tend to suffer from break-outs but I have large pores and slightly drak circles under my eyes. Recently I have been feeling that my skin has been lacking radiance and instead looks quite sallow. What kind of facial would you recommend? I've heard that the Dermologica ones are good.

    In terms of skincare I use use a brand from the USA called Cetaphil for my clenser and moisturising lotion and then another American brand called Brown Skin which has been good so far.


    Nicnics x
  • Hi Nicnics!

    It's a pleasure...I'm glad my comments have been useful!

    Well congrats on getting this far (engagement + start of planning)! Hope the next year goes well!

    You are wise in considering your skin so early on: now you've got plenty of time to get your skin in optimal condition and radiant for your big well done on that!

    I think firstly you need to "up" your at-home skincare regime: you'll find that doing so will reduce the amount and frequency of any salon-professional treatments you need to do.

    Do you use an exfoliator on a regular basis? It sounds like you have combination-oily skin, which means that you can get away with exfoliating on a more regular basis (2-4 times a week). This will improve the radiance of your skin, because you will be sloughing away all the dead skin cells.

    Also, you'll want to be adding in a face mask: a clay one to draw out impurities and deep cleanse your pores, and a brightening/exfoliating one to brighten and add radiance to your skin.

    I would also recommend you adding a "chemical" exfoliator to your current skincare regime; after your cleanser, and before your moisturiser. This is not a toner!!! It is an exfoliator, but rather than being a physical "scrub", the exfoliating properties are contained in the liquid. I would recommend Clinique Clarifying Lotion, starting with number 3. Swipe this over your face daily on a cotton pad, after cleansing, and I am confident that the clarity, brightness and smoothness of your skin will improve.

    I think you can wait at least until Summer is over before you consider going for facials.

    My view is:

    - facials are great as a booster, before a big event such as your wedding

    - facials are not a long term/regular skincare solution or necessity unless you have £100 a week to spend on them

    - you will get the most out of a facial if you maintain the results at home with products that will supplement the treatment

    - lower/mid priced facial with products by many of the brands you find in department stores/salons in my opinion are not worth the money if you are looking for lasting results, unless you are having a facial mainly for the "pampering/indulgence" factor. They use the products that they sell, and apply them on you, once. If you took the money you spent on the facial and bought the products and used them at home, you would get multiple uses for the same spend, and have the product to use at your disposal and convenience and comfort.

    - the facials reeeally worth having are the ones which cost (£££): The Organic Pharmacy, bliss spa, and Dr Hauschka are my top 3. Plus anywhere that does holistic and aromatheraphy facials....(with caution!)

    I would spend (even if it is £100 now) money buying a few good products that you use to boost your regime at home. Start now, being consistent with them, and you can see your skin improve considerably in the next few months. I would recommend:

    - Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3

    - Either St Ives Apricot Scrub (can use multiple times per week) /Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant/Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial (these two about 2x weekly max)

    - REN Multi Mineral Detox Mask OR Dr Hauschka Cleansing Clay mask (both v v good)

    -Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel OR Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask OR Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel OR REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask (sorry for all the alternatives; they are just all really good!)

    You might want to look at your moisturiser again, and/or add a serum underneath it to really get results. But I don't want you to feel overloaded right now!

    I think after a few months of your improved regime, you can then re-assess how radiant/bright your skin is, and then determine whether and what kind of facials you still think you need. I would wait until after the summer before doing any facials at all, because the effects of summer on the skin can be deceptive...! In fact, I would probably start no earlier than October/November...

    I hope this helps...feel free to ask away if you have more questions!

  • Mrs OyelayoMrs Oyelayo Posts: 101

    I have read all the advice you have given other brides so I thought I would give it a go.

    I'm getting married next year bt again I want to boost my skincare regime as at the moment its probably next to nothing.

    I have really dry skin and for a while it was ok as I was on medication however my doctor recently took me off it as it was a steroid and using it on my face so long was doing more damage than good so now I just use moisturisers in the morning and at night. I have eczema but not severe it looks more like heat rash than anything else. Sometimes my face can feel slightly tight so I dont really wear much make up either however when I do its normally MAC mineralise I think it is, which I find to be really good.

    What I wanted to find out is what would be the best makeup products for my skin for the big day and what skincare regime should I start? In terms of products to use in the morning e.g. toner etc and would you recommend going for facials closer to the time and again what type as I dont want to dry my skin out even further...Thanks!

  • Hi Mrs Oyelayo!

    I am going to give you a full reply tomorrow, because this is a little more delicate and I'll have to go back and check the products I would recommend for your skin type.

    I fully empathise with you...I have had eczema since childhood, and believe me when I say that I have walked in your shoes! Steroids, diprobase, 50/50%....the lot. I thank God that I no longer deal with it daily, I really do.

    Just a couple questions: has use of the steroids resulted in any darkening of your skin? (I know it can thin it noticeably thinner?)

    And what moisturiser do you currently use on your face?

    What do you use to cleanse you face at the moment?

    Have you/do you use "commercial" skincare, and how does your skin respond?

    I'll be back with some info for the meantime....whatever rich moisturiser you have (E45 or equivalent) slap it on every night before you go to bed, and keep your skin permanently moisturised. In the morning, same thing. Don't sacrifice your moisture for "looking good" when you're going out. If it looks shiny in the morning, blot it lightly with your Mineralize foundation. Right now, you cannot afford to use a lightweight moisturiser....

    Have a look at this (whilst I remember). It is a great product which is not available in the UK besides on this site. It's great for rebuilding the skin's moisture barrier and combatting chronic dryness + eczema. I used it, bought just one tube and it worked wonders for me- I never had to buy it again. I absolutely love it for repairing my skin after I used a very abraisive product on my face which left me with an acne type texture to my skin, and nothing else I tried worked.

  • Mrs OyelayoMrs Oyelayo Posts: 101

    The steroids havent resulted in any darkening or thinning. It is slightly uneven in tone but thats about it. At the moment the only moisturisers I use are prescription (Doublebase, QV and Hydromol)

    I dont really use commercial skincare, only simple facewash and face wipes and my skin takes ok to it. I dont have any reactions or anything. I just dont want to use anything that could irritate or dry out my skin.

    I will try the emollient you recommended, how often do I have to use it?
  • The TriCeram, you want to be using at least twice a day....but actually if it's the thicker one you buy (which I think you might as well!), you'll have to determine how it will feel in the morning, going out with it on.

    But I would put it on in the evening when you know you're not going out again...and also before you sleep, make sure your face is fully primed with it!

    I am delayed in your detailed response...I have had a minor setback today in terms of my productivity...but I will be back shortly!
  • Ellie0608Ellie0608 Posts: 223
    Hi SoDivineBeauty

    I have. Can you recommend a product for dark circles under- something that will make them less visible!!!image
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