MC - How much?

Hi all,

How much is the average cost for an MC in london?


  • MEnMYbooMEnMYboo Posts: 16
    Im still looking for a good MC who can tell good jokes, i've come across one and he quoted me £300! im not sure if this is cheap or expensive.

    Can anyone help with MC (Nigerian) pricing?
  • Thanks MenMy, I think £300 is fair someone is asking £350 min including transportation and accomodation. Argh"
  • MEnMYbooMEnMYboo Posts: 16
    He first quoted £350 then i got it down to £300, thats when i first replied you. My Sister spoke to him about a week later and got it down to £250. We know a couple of people that know him and have seen him at weddings and say his really good and funny...

    Hope you find one your happy with x
  • Mrs OyelayoMrs Oyelayo Posts: 101
    What are the details of this MC please?
  • I would love the details for this MC too please. Im on a hunt for a really good one.

  • Dede0510Dede0510 Posts: 15
    Yes details please. Looking for a good mc.
  • Yes please...i am also looking for an MC, it would be great if you can share the details. thx
  • MEnMYbooMEnMYboo Posts: 16
    So sorry ladies, i've been so busy and still running around. I've only 3 weeks to go now. My MC is called Charles Emeka, and i've heard his the best, a few of my friends have come across him in events and say his really good. You can look him up on the internet, i'll have to ask him if its ok to paste his number on here so i'll be back soon.

    Once again sorry for the delay.
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