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Make up in South East London

Can anyone recommend a make-up artist in London? I have searched and searched but have been put off by many as they do not have images of black women in their portfolios which leads me to believe they do not have experience in doing make up for black women. On the websites which do have examples of make up on black women, I have not liked their work. I have also thought about using a MAC make up artist. Please help!!!!


  • shimmenashimmena Posts: 282
    My lady Isha does black make-up very well, I only know this because she is black herself and her make-up is always flawless. I also recommended her to another black lady on here who has booked her for her wedding!

    Her email is [email protected]

    Tell her I recommended you and she'll give you a good price.
  • florishflorish Posts: 4
    hello, you can try Jenny,she specialises in black skin. Her email is [email protected] I've viewed some of her work and can see they are good.
  • yetty123yetty123 Posts: 78

    I used someone from the mac counter and she was good and prices were reasonable too
  • BBtoBBBtoB Posts: 45
    Thanks for the advice.I'm not getting married until next August but I'm trying to sort things out as soon as.

    Shimmena, how much is she charging if you don't mind me asking?

    Yfowy, did you have any bridesmaids and did the MAC make-up artist do their make-up?
  • Hello Ladies

    Please try Karen Chambers

    I intend to use her for my wedding. I beleive tshe is based n South London . However she will travel.

    Her website is

    Her email is:

    [email protected]

    Good Luck with your search
  • yetty123yetty123 Posts: 78
    She only did my maid of honour and charged an exra £10 for her cos we only decided on the day that she wanted make up, but if I wanted all the girls done then yes she would have done it.
  • Try Sparkles - 07912605304. She covers South East London.
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