Hair product recommendation for use with Curlformers

Hi guys,

Hope you don't mind me putting this in African/Caribbean weddings instead of hair and make up; but I'm looking for a hair product to use with Curlformers.

They can be used by people who have straight hair to give them curls but also work on taming afro curls into sleek curls rather than corkscrew frizz (which mine leans towards a lot of the time!) Whilst they do work on taming my hair, I haven't found a product that works well at holding the curls and making them look glossy. Can anyone recommend anything? High street stuff just isn't formulated for my hair type. Have tried 'sof'n free' curl activator which is a product for afro hair from the states but I hate the smell and its quite flammable.

Any ideas? would really appreciate any suggestions.




  • BBtoBBBtoB Posts: 45
    I have a mixed race friend (who's hair is more afro than straight). She uses Tresemme and says that it works for her.
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Ooo, Thanks MrsOB2B - I will have a look at their range and see whats what. I'm desperate for personal recommendations like this because there is only so much I can keep spending on stuff that I can't use! hehe


  • BBtoBBBtoB Posts: 45
    No problem!! I would say that alot of curl activator products for afro hair tend to be quite heavy or greasy (the last thing you'd want on your wedding day) so you'd have to be careful what you tried. Hope your able to find what you need.
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