Drop 2 - 3 Dress size in 10 mins and look fabulous for your wedding

Hello Ladies, i am a size 16 with a big stomach. I have tried several pills, diets, exercise and i havent had any result.

Ladies i stumbled upon this group on facebook that sells an amazing product that makes you look and feel 2 -3 dress sizes smaller. I just received mine last week and i look amazing. My fiance is amazed by the new me.

The facebook page is : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=143168992369912&v=wall#!/group.php?gid=143168992369912&v=wall

Make sure you look at the videos and pictures. All the best ladies and i can Guarantee you will love it!image


  • MEnMYbooMEnMYboo Posts: 16
    I'm with you on this, its amazing! I purchased mine 2 weeks ago as I wanted my belly to look flat in my wedding dress, and trust me it looks amazing...
  • if anyone is interested, the lady's email address is [email protected], telephone no: 07960066788 - contact her if u are interested, she is very lovely and nice. image
  • MrsBarnabyMrsBarnaby Posts: 102
    There is no magic product that will make you lose that much weight without changing what you eat and exercising. If this product REALLY worked, they would be able to afford some proper marketing and advertising and a decent website, rather than having a facebook page!

    The only thing that will make you look thinner in 10 minutes is a corset...or one of those funny fairground mirrors that stretches you!

    Please, don't anybody get taken in by this - it is just a pyramid scheme and I can guarantee you it will not work!
  • @larissaS, u are right it is actually a body undergarment (corset like). so u still have to exercises and eat less but the garment instantly gives u a 2-3 dress sizes drop look.

    also, they do have a website: www.ardysslife.com/ukdistributor

    i didnt know about the website b4 so that is why i didnt paste it up. Had to call the lady up to get it.

    check it out.

    It is worked for me and MEandMYboo confirms it work for her as well.
  • MEnMYbooMEnMYboo Posts: 16
    Its not a scam, it's clothing that you wear under your clothes to which pulls in your belly and your waist. I had a baby in March so I really needed something to pull in my belly as when I tried on my wedding dress my stomach was sticking out slightly. I got the corset top and also the shorts which works on my lower belly, and I got it for a good price as it was my friends aunty selling them. When my boo saw me he was amazed boy and its really shaping my body, my friends keep complimenting me but haven't told all my secret. The only thing I would say is be careful who you buy it from because some people are selling the corset top for £125 and more. You can go directly to their website if your interested.
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