Help! Wedding Reception Venues in Manchester

Hi Ladies,

Can anyone recommend wedding reception venues in Manchester. I'm really stuck. I've looked at Nawaab and Sacha's Hotel but I'm not completely convinced by these two venues. I need a location that can accommodate 350 guests and allows self-catering. Please help!


  • I went to Afro caribbean Wedding show in Manchester It was at the Lancashire Cricket club. it was in abig Marquee thatvwas always there in the grounds. I think at the time they wer building an alternative venue, But worth a try!!!!!

    Hope this is Helpfull
  • wow..lovely big wedding

    online directories ??
  • Nawaab is not great as it is on Stockport Road, so poor parking situation and that place is soo busy at the wkd.

    Sacha - not a nice hotel, also central manchester so you guests will have to pay for parking.

    Other venues to consider:

    - Usmania

    On the homepage the 'purple' event is our wedding!

    I got married there, capacity 500 and you can bring outside caterers.

    Another place is Stockport Town Hall, again capacity 450 and you can bring your own caterers.

    Both venues have good parking.

    PM if you want more info. I am from Manchester, so know it well. I researched every place in the city and surrounding areas, as we needed a place for 500 people and that allowed outside caterers!
  • I am looking for a venue that can accomadate 140 ppl for seated dinner and 200 for evening buffet that allow outside catering good parking facilities in manchester. I have looked at Frankies in hulme but for our wedding reception it just doesn't hve the right feeling. I contacted usmani but was quoted £1500 for half a day 4pm till 11pm image. If anyone has any venue ideas PLEASE send them my way. image
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