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Hey Fellow brides and b2bs image

I am getting married in June 2011 in Abuja, Nigeria and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas & details of good wedding videographers & live bands in Nigeria we could use to cover our wedding. I live in London and planning from here but I'll be going down over the Christmas holidays and would like to be able to have a few to source through and possibly liaise with face-to-face.

All tips, ideas and info would be MOST appreciated. Thanks a bunch



  • Hi MrsOg2B,

    Well first of congrats! Since your are getting married in June next year you really haven't got much timeimage

    but for a vendors in Lagos here's a great website that I recommend

    All the best and God bless xx
  • Hiya,

    I'm getting married in warri April 2011 using d vendors from my brothers wedding (yesterday) can.t recommend anyone yet as wasn't able to attend as still skint from having a baby and buying our place all in the last 4 months and planning a wedding as well. Try, more vendors on there than on any naija website I've seen, and I've trawled thru quite a few.
  • Hi there! And congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Do you have a makeup artist yet? I would suggest tmonmakeovers. They've done some very very nice jobs.Number to reach is 08034417887. Good luck!
  • GayneeGaynee Posts: 22
    Try Dami Olowu from Ethel's Touch Make Up for your weddings in Nigeria, her details are

    +234(0) 80 239 79 125

    [email protected]
  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    Thanks ladies for your replies. Whilst in Abuja, i managed to bag myself a make-up artist i found by chance. Her name's Dolapo and her company's called Belleza faces. I did a trial with her and she is AMAZING.. I was going to go with Banke Meshida but i was sold on this girl after her trial and her fee isn't too bad either image .

    Now to secure me some other vendors 8)
  • Hi

    I am also having my wedding in abuja this year in September.

    Please can you give me the contact details for the make up artist Belleza faces? We have just started our planning so if you have any good contacts for decorations, flowers, etc please let me know.

    I'd be grateful. image
  • If you're looking for a chocolatier/chocolate fountains/champagne fountain rental,try Sweetcity Delicacies at 0803-562-5038 or 0803-344-5924.
  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    Hi Omalichanwa,

    So sorry for being so late replying. Dolapo's no9If you haven't gotten anyone else) is 08069559833... How far have you gone with your planning?
  • Hey BrownGypsie,

    Many thanks for getting back to me. Pls let me know how much she is charging so i have an idea when contacting her.

    Also, i hope this is not too much to ask but could you forward me any contacts you have for hall decoration, flowers, and hair.

    I am in london too and the wedding is in Abj in Sept. I hav just had a baby so family and friends are sorting most things, but im still tyna do my best from over here so i can give details to them.

    Where is your wedding reception going to be?

    cheers x
  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    Hiya Omalichawa,

    Congrats on the baby image... Dolapo charges N60,000 for the white wedding (This includes Make-up for the Bride, Maid of Honour/Chief Brides Maid and Mother of the Bride) and N50,000 for the Traditional Wedding (Same as white but also includes gele tying as well).

    For Hall Decor, i am using Victoria Roberts and she's going to do the flowers as well, etc.

    Strange as it sounds, i haven't sorted out a hair person yet image but i hope to when i get to Abuja next week.

    Let me know if there are any other vendors you would like details for and i'll be more than happy to pass on their details... x x

    P/S: Our reception is at The This Day Dome
  • Hi BrownGypsie,

    thanks for your response and all the information.

    pls can you forward the details of Victoria Roberts when you get a chance.

    also, once you are done with your wedding pls can i see some pic?

    many thanks and good luck on your special day!
  • Hey Browngypsie,

    how did ur wedding go?

    any pics pls?

  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    Hi omalichanwa,

    My wedding went really well image. It was a lovely day and i'm extremely happy. We only just got back from honeymoon so i'm still pretty jet lagged and flushed.

    Have you got an email address because i don't know how to post photos here image? Although we haven't received all our "official" photos, i do have a few i can send through.

    How are your plans going?
  • well ladies since all your weddings are about past or around the corner. However, if you know anyone looking to make invitations (hand made with traditional kente, aso oke and the likes or just a simple and elegent design). I know of excellence, she is based in U.S but serves UK and Naija. She also specializes in flowers at affordable prices. She can be reached at [email protected]
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