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Mothers outfits............

where to start?!

What coolours are your mum's wearing to the wedding?

My mum wants to wear CREAM i am SOOOO not happy! i don't think anyon should come to a wedding in cream or white!

Especially since my dress is an off white!

I could scream! image

When i told her she couldn't wear cream she said i could get stuffed and she would wear her jeans then instead!!! (by the way she hasn't even bought the outfit yet!!!

ARGH!!!!!! (frustrated scream!!

Am i being unreasonable????!?!?!?!


  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Sassy don't take offence. My mother is wearing like a diamond white, her sister ivory with gold brocade, and close family and friends are wearing my theme colours. I want my 'mothers' to stand out and be noticed with me, my mother has played such a big part in my life from the time i came out of her womb.

    But I understand where you are coming from, traditionally it's the colour for the bride and no-one else!!
  • bodieukbodieuk Posts: 111
    Well my sister is wearing a white trouser suit. I know it is trousers but still white. Oh well I don't care if anyone tries to upstage the bride they will look silly cos the bride is everything that day. Wouldn't mind my mom wearing white though really. But I know she is wearing blue.

    My dress is ivory by the way.

    Sassy you are so pretty and I am sure you will look beautiful and no one will look as amazing as I am sure you will look.

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