Carribean Caterers

I am looking for a carribbean caterer for services in north -west London. Anybody got any recomendations?


  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131
    My friend who's carribean used Burrells for her wedding in 2009... excellent service, wide variety- they were amazing!
  • r they quite expensive
  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131
    It was in 2009 so there prices may have changed. they were about £28per head but this inc dresin tables, linen, nakin design, cutlery and it was a sit down buffet which was bought to ur table- Amazing!

    If you wanted cheaper you could go for a buffet where guests go and get their food.
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    I went to a wedding recently where they had carribean caterers the food was really good and well presented found out the name for my wedding in 2014: Nice Food


    Hi @Bigvonny

    I know a cater that works for the renaissance hotel and he does really good food, he's been a chef for more than 20 years and has worked in hotels but he is also starting up his own company for wedding, if you contact me, I can pass on his number to you, am not sure if I am allowed to post number in here, but I know 2 Caribbean chef so I can give you both their numbers.

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