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I need a videographer

.. who can record weddings that'll look like real movies, (not nigerian movies), with all the wind, blurred, slow motion and light effects.

and a good photographer as well


  • Where are you getting married?
  • Hi Ifesi!

    Call the number 07943403741 for a videographer / photographer, i can tell you the videographer is really really great. Seen his works and u will be amazed!Don't make any comment till u call. lol!
  • ifesiifesi Posts: 11
    @funbride ... I'm on it now, thanks.

    @glitters1979 ... North London
  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131
    Whats your budget? I have a few suppliers..
  • ifesiifesi Posts: 11
    max for videography £1,200, and photography £1,800 give or take
  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131
    ALWAYS as k for full length wedding videos- even if they tell you to look online, as you find that the work woth some of them is not the same

    search the following:

    pr photograghy- they do video as well- they did my friends- AMAZING!!

    viva la wedding (go to their blog section and check out the clips of the african couples as well as the others)

    image on video

    Matt Parry Photography


    jeff woods visual

    minty slippers

    shutterbox films

    beautiful life

    joseph young

    lenix media

    i-wedding visuals

    Hope you are successful!- Let me know how the search goes. We found photograghper pretty quickly- but videographgy took ages- the list above though are all very cinematic- but offer varying prices. We either couldnt afford them or they were booked for our day!

    Keep me updated and good luck
  • ifesiifesi Posts: 11

    thanks a bunch, I'll check them out. Meantime, whose doing your photography?
  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131

    check out their work online- both have the style we love (relaxed and modern)

    great prices too!

    have you checked their sites?
  • ifesiifesi Posts: 11
    Yes I did, thanks a bunch should confirm videography with Joseph Young this week. Still looking for the right photographer though.
  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131
    I booked with Joe too!

    when is your wedding?

    We're going with Matt for photos
  • ukfan79ukfan79 Posts: 6
    I am using michael Ibiayo. He seems really good. Check out his website. image
  • Micheal Ibiayo was my videographer and it was absolutely amazing...
  • I used Micheal Ibiayo last year for my wedding. He's higly recommended...
  • nicnicsnicnics Posts: 89
    Just want to say a big thank-you for this! I was undecided and to be honest unconvinced about having a videographer, however, I started to do some research and used your list as a basis, and have now decided to go for one, and am really excited about it!

    X x
  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131
    Great- who are you going with?
  • nicnicsnicnics Posts: 89
    I'm going with I-wedding visuals, and an added bonus is that they are local to us and the venue, in North West London.

    Its really lucky as the wedding is this month!
  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131

    We almost went with them- they are great!

    Have a great day! x
  • natafly1natafly1 Posts: 5
    I used Joe for my wedding in April this year. I also do wedding photography myself (am just starting out-have done 3 so far and another 2 booked) Going on 2 course in June for Wedding photography and joining the photography association. Anyone interested to see my photos and a new photographer drop me a line at

    [email protected]

    and like me on facebook:
  • JN2JJJN2JJ Posts: 131
    Have you got your video yet from Joe?- How did it turn out?
  • ukfan79ukfan79 Posts: 6
    Hi, I reccomend Michael Ibiayo all the way. Used him for my wedding in April 2011. Fantastic job.
  • natafly1natafly1 Posts: 5
    you can watch my wedding highlights here:

    Very nice guy, I'd definitely book himimage
  • natafly1natafly1 Posts: 5
    you can check out my highlights on

    We love our full wedding film, got to pick our music and it flows very nicely xx
  • Hi, are you still looking for a videographer?

    Me and my husband are 3rd year Film & TV Production students and we are eager to get some work in this field. We have high quality cameras and lenses and can do the job for you for a brilliant below recommended professional price and we can edit it to a high standard.

    Good luck!

  • SSSS Posts: 2


    are you still on here - I would like to find out more about what you and your husband can do and hopefully see examples of your work


  • I am using Possible images check them out on Vimeo

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