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Hi all! *waves*

I'm a newbie to the forum so glad I signed up to this sooooooooo many useful tips especially with African caterers I will be checking them out!

I got engaged last month, planning my wedding for April or May 2013 image

My wedding is going to be quite small (100 guests) I'm planning on using outside caterers - I think it's going to be a challenge to find a lovely venue that allows outside caterers AND is not expensive. What are everyone else's experiences with good venues and outside caterers? Is there anything I should be asking in particular? Tips and advice welcome please I am a newbie to this!

Also if anyone knows any South London/Kent/Surrey venues (100-150 people) who allow outside caterers - I know lots of people have suggested venues in previous post but they all seem to be for 200+ guests would be much appreciated!


  • Mrs ShakeMrs Shake Posts: 104

    There are quite a few hotels (really nice ones) that allows you to bring in your own food, it depends what your budget is like for venues and if you are flexible with your days e.g having a sunday wedding or not.

    Let me know the budget and the day and I can send you a few names of really nice venues (for dry hire).

  • Bride126Bride126 Posts: 150

    I'm flexible on days ideally over the weekend but Thursday or Friday will also do.Budget for the venue only is between 3-5 100 people for the reception..
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