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Does anyone know any good places to get wedding invitations done? Im looking for real quality ones that are not too the moment any recommendations would be quite stuck!

Thanks in advance



  • We used last august and they were beautiful. And cheap and worked with us until were were happy with the wording. we sent out 150 invites and ended up with over 300guests. u know africans...

    hope u that helps.

    Ps. i run a catering company for nigerian, cameroonian and ghanaian food. if u havent found a caterer yet ...

    Best wishes
  • MoshBMoshB Posts: 35
    We used scissor paper stone. Really professional and so beautiful. Not the cheapest but they give discounts on large orders and it becomes quite reasonable, don't be afraid to ask

    I also liked this one on Folksy, but didn't go for it in the end.

    A friend of mine used Olivia Samuel, they were good but she said you have to really check the wording thoroughly for typos (but I guess this goes for whoever you choose)

    Good luck!
  • @MoshB i know what you mean with Olivia Samuel - we had to re-do ours a few times - but then again we were fussy about fonts...

    but like you said - you would have to check with any printer just to be sure?!!
  • Try Wonderful invitations, very classy, and a lovely lady.
  • We used - there is a huge selection of wedding invitations. We bought one from Exclusive Gold Collection and our guests really loved these.
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