avoshair vs hair by abike

i want a hairstylist for my wedding but not sure who to choose so has anyone used or know anyone that has used any of the 2 hair stylist and can tell me their experience. or if anyone used another hair stylist im open to recomendations


  • Hi,

    I considered both Avos and Hair by Abike for my wedding 3 weeks ago. I used Avos and she was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend her, she was professional, helpful, affordable, did my hair exactly as I wanted and punctual. Cant recommend her enough.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else.............I so miss wedding planning image

  • MidzMidz Posts: 90
    Awww thanks you. If you mind me asking what hair style did you do and how much did ya pay for it
  • This is the style I did:


    Its the girl in the first picture. It cost £130 but cld vary depending on if you want a trial and if it is within London


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    Thank you very much. I have realised that hair by abike cost an arm and a leg lol esp when my local hair dresser can do it for ??45 image or even less its just ashame she don't style hair on the day of ya wedding image

    I just hate the fact when they say wedding everything goes up image
  • MidzMidz Posts: 90
    P.s that hairstyle is absolutely stunning
  • Thanks, I really loved it myself!

    It is sad that once the word wedding is involved prices double and sometimes triple!

    The only other option to save money is to go to the salon the morning of the wedding but this is so risky as there is usually a lot to do that morning.
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    Yh that's soo true thanks soo much for the advice
  • I hear both are very good. Why don't you call them and sound them out?

    With weddings, I am more convinced than ever that you get what you pay for.....
  • does anyone have an alternative contact number for hair by Abike- the current one she has on her website constantly diverts to her voicemail. I've also sent her a message on her website- still no response and it has been over a month. Anyone know how else to reach her? Thanks

  • Mrs ShakeMrs Shake Posts: 104

    Here is the number that I had, 07809232373.

    I would defo recommend Hair by Abike, she was amazing, even suprised me on the day. she is such a lovely nice perseon, she ended up dressing me on the day as we were running late, so from creaming my back to helping me put my shoes she did as BM were all busy. She stayed longer after my hair was done to make sure that we left the hotel on time.

    I know she is abit expensive like others but her personality and great work made it worth it for me.

    Hope it all goes well.

  • You could try Sparkles Hair and beauty - www.sparklesbeau.co.uk. Great prices and packages.
  • Thanks Mrs Shake! Hope you had an amazing day and hope you're enjoying being MRS (wink, wink)

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