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Food at wedding receptions

Hey ladies.

I was told recently that at Nigerian weddings, it is standard practice to leave the buffet open for late guests so that they can eat after the main buffet has been served.

Is this true? Given that our weddings tend to be 300 ppl + and can sometimes have unexpected guests!


Thanks girls x


  • Hi CandyT

    I'm not nigerian, but my fiance is - I have been to numerous weddings with him and his sister got married last year - in my experience yes it is true. From the weddings i have attended a lot of people come for the party/dancing in the evening so the buffet has been left out/open for those latecomers. And people tend to go back for seconds / thirds throughout the evening too image

  • Hi Newbie_bride2013

    Thank you for your reply, that has helped me a lot!


  • Hi Candy T . This does depend on what caterer is used. as most will not leave food out for more than 6 hours due to food health . some weddings do have evening food available for guests  which is brought towards the evening. Or you can have a late wedding reception dinner that caters for morning and late comers.

    Hope this helps

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