Reception venue

I recently got engaged and our wedding is slowly getting bigger and bigger -  which is not a problem it just goes to show how much peopl are supportive of us and want to wish us well. HOWEVER i live in london and my OH lives on the surrey/west susex border which are prob thee most expensive places to get married.  we are looking for a 'dry hire'  venue   which will hold at least 150 seated. It also needs to be as close to 2K as possible.  Ideally we would like some outside space  and decent parking of at least 50 cars.

Happy to get a totally blank canvas/field/cricket or rugby club and do all of the work ourselves but i just want some where nice


  • hi what is your maximum capacity. i know you say 150 seated , is this likely to grow ?and are your having more people in the evening? If you work out the total amount of people that will be in the building at any one time   you will then have a clear idea of what venues that will not suit your wedding.

    Hope this helps

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