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Venue allowing external caterer??!!!

Hi all,

 I have been searching the internet for a venue as we are getting married in 2014, however I cannot seem to find venues that allow external caterers which is a headache as I am having an African/Caribbean wedding. 


I require a venue which allows external caterers, and would like a manor house or barn wedding. I have about 110 to 130 guest, so a venue which can hold up to 200 guest will the fine. Also the venue can be in either Essex, surrey or Hertfordshire!!!

I would also like recommendations of caterers (African/Caribbean)

Help please?????!!!



  • MrsCZ14MrsCZ14 Posts: 103 New bride

    Hi Malyka,

    We had this exact problem, all of the venues we went to view would only allow us to use their own caterers, and althought they offered to cook Caribbean food for us, we knew it wouldn't be very authentic. I'm up in Yorkshire so can't really help you with specific venues, but I can say just keep looking!

    We have found a lovely farmhouse who's letting us put up a marquee in their gardens. It means that we can have a totally personal wedding with my Step-father in law's lovely Jamaican cooking!

    Don't give up, your venue will turn up!


  • MalykaMalyka Posts: 10
    Hi Mrs ChattooToBe

    Thank you for the worlds of encouragement. She shall keep on looking, and I will keep you all updated.

  • MrsCarrMrsCarr Posts: 20

    Hi Malyka,

    We're getting married at Northbrook Park in Surrey (a beautiful wedding venue)! You can have up to 250 guests and external caterers (although there is a 15% charge).

    We're using a Caribbean caterer who is very reasonable.  They haven't set up their website yet but I can message you their number and email if you'd like.

  • Hi Malyka,

    I'm newly engaged and looking for venues as we type lol!

    I have heard amazing things about Jollof Pot and my friends brother has just used them for his wedding and everybody loved them image

    They are on the suppliers list for a quite a few venues too so there shouldn't be an extra charge:

    I came across this venue today that allow external caterers:

    Hope this helps xxx
  • Bride126Bride126 Posts: 150

    I have heard really good things about Jellof Pot worth contacting them. You did mention what your budget was for the venue? Also, Have you tried going through previous posts on as I know a lot of brides posted venues in London, Kent and Surrey. These are some I found:-

    I know there are others too so worth searching. Let us know how you get on!


  • MalykaMalyka Posts: 10

    Hi all

    Thank you all soo much for your messages. MrsCarr, it does seem as though we will be going with Northbrook Park as I cam accross the venue yesterday and have received a quote. Would it also be possible for you to send me your cateres details?

    I will also be checking out Jellof Pot.

    Thanks once again

  • Hi i live in Manchester and there very many beautiful halls that allow

    Outside catering keep looking am sure something nice will

    come up .

    I am also getting married in 27/07/2013 and got a very good venue

    we are bringing in our own catering
  • Congratulations Malyka! Northbrook Park looks amazing! I'm still searching would you mind sending me a message about what you were quoted? The london venues I have looked at so far have been very expensive with too much for us to compromise being one of them!


  • Hi MrsCarr how many people will you be having at your wedding and do you have a good deal?


  • MalykaMalyka Posts: 10
    Good morning Ladybird Blue. Congratulations to you too on your engagement.

    Apologies for the delay in responding.

    For Northbrook park we were quoted 2000 for the use of the venue pulse an additional 15% as we will be bringing or own caterers - saying that, we have yet to find a caterer and ate still in the process of looking.

    Hopefully we will be meeting one later this week.

    Regarding the price, I will be attempting to haggle them down as our budget is very tight and the quotes for caterers are coming up as ??4000 which is also outside our budget so it may seem that we will have to cut down on our guests ????

  • MalykaMalyka Posts: 10
    Wow. Thank you soo much for that x
  • Hi ladies!

    I'm also getting married at Northbrook Park and we're looking for the same thing as Ladybird Blue.

    Afro/Caribbean caterers with an english infusion.

  • Hi LadyLako

    What date have you set or Northbrook Park? We have provisionally booked here!

    They have a list of preferred caterers one of which is called Moodies. We contacted them and told them about our Afro English fusion idea for the catering and it turns out the chef lived in Nigeria for 5 years and knows a thing or two about creating a diverse menu!

    We are looking at others too on the list. Most have said they can be flexible with our culinary needs so we may not need to hire in an external caterer which means we don't have to pay the additional fee for outside caterers.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Ladybird Blue.

    Thanks for that. I contacted Moodies but was a bit unsure about whether they could provide the goods.

    Didn't know that she lived in Nigeria. Helpful to know.

    We've booked 29th March 2014.
  • Hi ladies,

    Sorry to jump into your convo - new to this website, looking to get married at Northbrook park 2014 July, same thing as you guys want an afro/carribean caterer with an english twist who will be able to serve to a high quality at a decent price lol.. 

    Im from ghana and h2b uganda so our families taste pallettes are very different also I dont want food thats "too much" so they are too full to dance later if that makes sense...

    How are you guys finding the planning process? How much have you done?... Malyka is £2k just your 1st quote or from you haggling?


  • MalykaMalyka Posts: 10

    Hi Newbiedee

    message me your email and I will explain how it works.

    The wedding planning was stressful at first, due to not being able to find a venue. But its coming along nicely now.

    We were able to get a caterer and have just found a photographer we like (at the excel wedding show).


    My mum is from UG, I'm from Tanzania and my partners family are Jamaican, so I know how hard it is to find a caterer that can provide you with what you want and need.


  • Good luck Malaika am from Uganda too
  • Malyka#
  • MalykaMalyka Posts: 10

    image Zizi Cakes

    When are you getting maried? and where?

  • Hi malyka,

    My email is [email protected]

    Any information will be gratefully received

    Dee xx
  • Am getting married this year 27/07 and in manchester ( Usmania ) is the name of the venue
  • BusyBeeBusyBee Posts: 1

    Hello ladies. Very new to this site but your comments and suggestions above have been very helpful.  I am getting maried in Feb 2014.

    I am still in the process of finding a Arfican caterer and will contcat some of the names in the above posts.

    Do any of you have suggestions for good affordable wedding shops in London/ South East area 

  • LadyLakoLadyLako Posts: 26 New bride

    Hi Malyka,

    What caterer are you going with?

    Moodies are booked up with tastings for the next two months and I would like a tasting before I committ to any caterer.

  • MalykaMalyka Posts: 10

    Hi LadyLako

    I'm going with the caterer Delia. She has a company called Touch of Class. Send me your email address and I will forward you her details.

  • Aida KAida K Posts: 12
    Hey girls.... Was really upset to find out today that northbrook park is booked for the date we wanted 28.08.13. Looks like a beautiful venue and allows outside caterers. Not many around that do that.. We may change our dates though. Can someone tell me if the venue is worth me changing my dates for or if I should look for another venue.?
  • LadyLakoLadyLako Posts: 26 New bride

    Hi Aida K, it is a beautiful venue. I think you can only make that decision about changing your dates once you have visited.

    I got engaged in November 2012, found Northbrook Park a few weeks to a month later and when we enquired about dates, we discovered that all of the weekends in 2013 were booked up and the ones in 2014 were quickly filling! We toyed with the idea of having the wedding on a weekday, but decided that we really wanted a Saturday wedding so had to push our wedding back to 2014.

    Sounds like a long way away, but to be honest with you, I'm surprised at how quickly the time is going. So for us, it is worth the wait.

  • Princess KPrincess K Posts: 200

    Hello girls, I got engaged about a month ago and am already stressing about finding a a venue.  I am of Caribbean heritage as is h2b and so ideally we would like great Caribbean food at our wedding.  A big problem is that our guest list is quite large approx 200 (huge families) and our budget small- 10k max for everything (except possibly dress and photography).  We would also like to get married in a church... Are any of the Northbrook Park brides getting married at a church?

    Also, Malyka when are you getting married at Northbrook Park and have you taken all of the cottages as well? The price we were given was 8000 to have a summer reception there!

    Feeling pretty disheartened about things.  I want to get married asap but a hideous hall just so we can have a million family members we are not that close to there is not exactly what I always dreamed of!


  • Hello girls 

    Can i ask a question sto those of you looking to book venues and caterers; would you consider other counties like essex or Kent or does it have to be Surrey?

    If the answer is yes i can supply you guys will a list of ovely venues that are quite affordable and allows outside caterers in the above mentioned counties.

    For example Three Rivers Golf and Country Club Chelmsford is an amazing venue and so is Boreham house also in Chelmsford. There is also The Corn Exchange in Rochester. 

    Hope this helps. 




  • Aida KAida K Posts: 12
    Arrrgggghhhh so excited.... So we went to see Northbrook on Thursday and loved it. They didn't have our date available so we are going to provisionally book the 14th Aug 2013. I just need to find a reasonable Caribbean cater.... Any suggestions ladies?
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