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I'd like any recommendations for a beach Wedding next year. Not sure whether West or South Coast of Barbados. We also need a video, photos and flowers. I'm trying to book as much as I can myself without using a wedding coordinator? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Hi 08bride,

    I stayed at the South Coast whilst on holiday in Barbados, it was a lively fun location at St Lawerance Gap, they did weddings at the resort, and we saw a beautiful wedding take place on the beach.

    Im not sure what coast these resort are at, but would recommend ALMOND BEACH RESORT or SANDY LANE RESORT

    i've heard really good reviews on them for weddings... also look at the trip advisor site. The resorts i have recommended for you should have their own wedding planner and various wedding packages at the resort.

    Another bride2b is getting married in Barbados 'Barry'sGirl' and a few other in Weddings Abroad section which may advise you on the resorts they have booked.

    Good luck

  • BarrysGirlukBarrysGirluk Posts: 135
    Hi 08bride, i've left you a response on the barbados brides thread (weddings abroad section) I hope it helps

    Thanks for the mention Maz
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