Need an MC - please help

Hi Ladies

I'm looking for a good MC, that would be suitable for a Nigerian and Caribbean audience. Can anyone help?

Can you share who you are using and how much they are charging. I have no idea what is a reasonable cost.

Thanks in advance



  • annieannie Posts: 33

    Reading your blog, its like reading about my self,image.   I also had twins plus had to think about wedding plans. I  am from Caribbean background,  my husband is  Nigerian background. i infused both cultures within my wedding. Although i did plan my own wedding,   i also call upon Wedding planners, (unique dream weddings ) for day co-ordination only , as i  wanting very thing on point, as i was sure  i would not be able  plan on my actual wedding day, to ensure  things went smoothly.

    One of the  twin sisters ( owners of unique dream weddings ) was able to give me   good advice and tips in regards to fusing two culture together, as she  too  was Caribbean background married to a Nigerian.   she  had an understanding on how to difficulties i faced with trying to bring too culture together.  ie as my husband had very different view on how is wedding should be , ie  " free for all " image .

    Unique Dream wedding have a lot contact ( vendors) that would be able to suit both Nigerian and Caribbean  cultures, that's what  they specialise in.    


    Deonne( wedding planner) 07943857200



  • DeeBaksDeeBaks Posts: 53

    Hello all Brides and Grooms to-be! 

    Hallmark Events are here to take all the stress and anxiety out of Wedding Planning 

    Here at Hallmark events, we are a fountain of fresh ideas, creativity and style. Our vision is to bring your vision to life. We aim to transform your occasion into a memorable celebration. 

    We take great delight in planning, preparing, organising and coordinating the wedding day you have always wanted. We will listen to your every requirement and expertly take care of every detail to ensure a flawlessly professional, stress free, enjoyment filled occasion 

    We guarantee to do our very best for you in whatever capacity you require us, whether it is for sourcing vendors, or merely on the day management and coordination. 

    Although we offer wedding packages, we promise a bespoke service to each couple. We are here to provide a tailored service so that every event is unique, distinctive and totally exquisite. 

    We will work with trusted vendors and suppliers to ensure that goods and services are supplied on time, to specification and within budget. We have vast experience in planning and managing large weddings and Nigerian weddings. No event is too big or too small. 

    Hallmark Events have the knowledge, experience and resources to meet your requirements. We will manage costs without compromising on style, elegance and detail. We promise to be on hand from the ringing of the church bells until the bride and groom are bided farewell for honeymoon 

    Here are just some of the services that we offer: 

    * Budget Planning 
    * Personalised Timeline 
    * Help with themes and styling of the day 
    * Venue sourcing for both ceremony and reception 
    * Photography 
    * Cake 
    * Flowers 
    * Sourcing other suppliers 
    * Bridal Wear 
    * Bridal Party Attire 
    * Transport 
    * Hair and make-up 
    * Entertainment 
    * Stationary 
    * Transport 
    * Traditional Engagement 

    If you require assistance, guidance or just someone to discreetly walk in the shadows to ensure a seamless flow of events contact us today. We will be happy to help 

    Phone: (44) 796 105 1209

    Email: [email protected]

  • If you are looking for hostesses for your wedding, Cultured Hosts specialises in providing elite event hostesses with a cultural flair.

    We have pulled together culture, style and elegance ensuring an unforgettable day for our clients. Our hostesses have a strong presence, creating a cultural atmosphere, making your day a memorable one.

    If you are planning your event and need hostesses to greet your guests, manage your seating plan or host your champagne reception, Cultured Hosts would be happy to serve you.

    We also offer our clients a bespoke service to design your hostesses uniform.

    For more information, contact us today to discuss how to make your day perfect.

    Email: [email protected]   Website:

  • Sparkle15Sparkle15 Posts: 132

    I am looking for a professional wedding MC for a Caribbean wedding, BRIDES to be recommendations welcome. 

  • DesDes Posts: 2

    Ladies & Gentlemen

    Warmest greetings to you all

    If you are looking for a Afro Caribbean Toastmaster/MC then your search is over. 

    My Name is Des Richards MCT

    You can contact me on 07799475122

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

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