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Caribbean Cookpot and Sunshine Catering


Has anyone used Caribbean Cookpot or Sunshine Catering?

What are your experiences?



  • Hi,

    I went to a wedding a couple of years ago which was catered by Sunshine Catering. It was a west indian/caribbean assisted buffet. The service and food was brilliant. The day went very smoothly and everyone enjoyed the tasty food. They also did canapes and some rum puch... all fantastic!

    Hope this helps!


  • LadyLakoLadyLako Posts: 26 New bride

    Thanks ArubaBlue.

  • Hi we have worked with Caribbean Cookpot and i would fully recommend them. We have coordinated weddings that have used Caribbean Cookpot and everytime they have been professional, on time and friendly towards guests

    Hint do taste their Rum and Raisin cheescake absolutely devine !!!

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