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Do you focus on price or quality in booking a Photographer?

Hi Ladies

I hope your well and enjoying the roller coaster of wedding planning!

I am up late tonight editing a styled shoot I did in Hampshire this week and I got thinking, with couples being more price sensitive now a days do couples book a photographer based on the price charged or on the quality of their work?

I am a London based photographer and in my experience I have found that couples will choose a particular area of their wedding and go all out, for example my wife was hell bent on the stationary for the wedding being spot on and we ending up spending a large chunk of the budget in that area, the designer she choose was worth her weight in gold and my wife was happy to pay for the high quality output.

What are your thoughts do you view you wedding pics as an investment or are they pretty low on your list of priorities?


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  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Great, because we do not have enough photographers on this forum advertising already.... image

  • Welshgrace thank you for taking the time to read the thread. I was merely starting a discussion for people to add positive and meaninful comments. Clearly this isnt a dicussion for you so please dont feel obliged to to respond to it. Hope your having a fab day!

  • PandemoniaPandemonia Posts: 58

    Well this is an interesting one. I am a press photographer who tends to avoid doing weddings - I do a small number every year by invitation only and won't advertise that I do them. One of the reasons being that while people quite naturally put quality first, too many of them are completely unprepared to pay for it! I'm not prepared to work for nothing so I'd rather not get into conversations with people who assume I will.

    I can't imagine anyone deliberately opting for indifferent pictures but I suspect there are quite a few disappointed couples out there who've discovered that putting price first may not have been the wisest choice.

    When I got married last month, pictures were always going to be one of the most important elements of the day. But it would have been very odd if this hadn't been the case. 

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    We set a budget for ours but realised we may need to be flexible for the right person. I came across a photographers website early on in the planning process and while i was looking into the different ones in our area, i kept coming back to this one site. The site wasnt particularly flashy and the photog didnt have a huge portfolio at that point, but i just loved what he had done. His prices were low as he was just starting out, so i was worried about the quality/ reliability etc, but after meeting with him we knew he would be the right one for us - The wedding is a couple of months away now and we have stayed in touch since and i'm so excited that he will be taking our pics! Each wedding he has done has gotten better and better.

    So in short, no, price wasnt the main factor, we would have paid more but didnt need to in our case!

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    I knew who I wanted as a photographer after my sister's wedding. She had booked a school friend who we both knew. She was relaxed, friendly, did the list of formal shots and blended in with guests. Plus her shots are beautiful! If anyone is getting married in or near Hampshire I would highly recommend.

    A couple of months before my best friend got married and the photographer was rude, gave guests nick names as he couldn't be bothered to learn their names and pushed/pulled the bride. You could see the couple and guests getting increasingly image

    Plus I don't think it is a matter of money=quality. My future SIL spent £2,500 on their photographer and I didn't really like any of the photos. Yes they had a large album,  6 little albums for brothers & sisters and a framed photo to give to their parents at the wedding breakfast. But that ate up 1/4 of their total budget and the photographs were 'ok'.

    Hope this discussion is useful to someone as I strongly agree with welshgrace spam drives me nuts and actually stops me from using the vendor. This site is for real brides. Its great to share experiences and ideas.

  • Lots of great comments here. image

  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    Definitely quality for us, if our overall budget was a lot smaller I'd still have paid the same for photography and compromised in other areas. I'd rather have only guest photos than pay a few hundred for photos I didn't really like.

    But as already said price doesn't guarantee quality! And different people like different styles. My partner has a photography degree and is very fussy so it was always going to be an important thing for us. My OH's main pet hate is the wedding photography with cheesy effects - faded out edges, sparkle effects, glow around the couple. Again, different people like different things, its just not for us. So we were really lucky to find a local photographer who took very genuine photographs and didn't play around with them much, just left them very honest. He is also great at getting unstaged moments, people laughing and actually having a good time, rather than being told to look like they are having fun for the camera.

    Another thing for us is we'd much rather put albums and things together ourselves, than be ripped off for the photographer to do it. We wern't going to choose a photographer based solely on this, but it was a huge bonus when the photographer we liked offered a digital only package. This is also much easier on the budget because we don't have to find the money for albums before the wedding, and can get it sorted afterwards. I chose my boudoir photographers largely with this is in mind too, as I'd rather put an album together myself. So was thrilled to find somewhere that offered digital packages (and think to my untrained eye the photos look quite honest and hope my OH approves when he gets them image)

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