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Waakye Leaf Reviews

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience either as guest or working with Waakye Leaf catering? Looking for a potential caterer and came across them so wondered if anyone had any reviews. Would really appreciate some honest feedback.

Thanks in advance!


  • no sorry. i havet heard of this caterer. not to sar they arent good !!!. Maybe you can ask to to attend an event where they are catering before the actual event starts. this will give you an idea of how food tastes cooked in bulk. Most caterers that we work with offer that


  • D8D8 Posts: 1

    I'm also considering Waakye leaf. Has anyone else heard of them yet?

  • Old thread I know but I am considering using Waakye Leaf.... anyone used them since the last post in this thread?

  • Please please don't do it. I had a horrible experience for my wedding with waachye leaf that i am still trying to forget.

  • SpyrosSpyros Posts: 1

    I know this is an old thread but as the old saying goes Buyer Beware!

    Do not make the mistake we did and waste your time and money with this caterer.
    The business delivered us huge disappointment and anguish on our big day with our dignity shredded.

    The food served late and hours behind schedule.

    The specialty Ghana style rice was burnt in some places where it was microwaved while some guests received there food cold!

    The expensive evening BBQ option we paid for turned out to be pre-cooked food with the congealed fat still present in the tray,
    dimly re heated over the mildest flame you will have ever seen in your life on a BBQ grill.

    We could have used a cheaper waiting staff agency but the business owner -
    Edwina - insisted that we rely on her waiting staff as she implicitly stated she knows and trusts them.

    It was under that impression that we happily paid a premium over the other waiting staff agency to use Edwina's.

    With the exception of the Senior Head Waitress in charge,
    the waiting staff employed were diabolical!

    They dropped expensive canapes that were accounted and charged for,
    walked around with one glass on a tray at a time to served a packed ceremony,
    offered alcohol to clearly an Islamic lady (who was wearing a hijab) and one lady waitress even attempted to steal bottles of wine from us until she was confronted!

    In addition guests had to ask 2-3 times the same waiters for a simple order to be served and not one of the waiters could explain what the food being served was!

    (Luckily we had printed out menus on the table and our guests had enough common sense to distinguish what was what!).

    After gladly accepting well over several thousand pounds from us ,
    the lady that owns this business never accepts responsibility,
    insists she has done the legal minimum,
    shifts the blame on others and when I demanded some sort of refund to compensate us she even went as far as to say that she did not make a profit and "does it for the love".
    How insulting to ones intelligence!

    Any positives we once felt about Waakye Leaf are far too few to mention now.

    Please do yourself a favour,
    like we should have in hindsight.
    If your venue management are reasonable,
    sponsor somebody reliable you know who can cook well instead and pay for there public liability insurance.
    You will save yourself thousands of pounds and much heartache on your wedding day this way.



    I have been in the hospitality business for over 40 years and have never felt the need to visit forums or respond to threads but the post above was enough for me to put aside my dislike for conducting my affairs on the internet. I also feel it would be disingenuous to sit by and watch someone’s personal reputation and business ruined in this manner when I have first-hand knowledge of what transpired on the day of the event.


    This thread was brought to my attention a few days ago and as the Head Waitress at the event in question (and also the person subcontracted by Waakye Leaf to provide waiting staff for this event) I feel it is important for me to provide an account of events or at the very least some context for the readers of this thread.



    On the day of the event:


    The client had a wedding planner who was present throughout the event and was essentially a liaison between the front of house, catering team and all the other vendors


    The team had copies of a detailed timeline of the day. Unfortunately, the event did not go according to schedule due to the fact that the bride arrived over 2 hours late. This had a knock on effect on everything else on the day. 


    The catering teams arrived and were ready for service at the scheduled time. However, everything had to be placed in warming cupboards while all the vendors (including the wedding photographer) and guests waited for bride to arrive.


    When the bride finally arrived and the ceremony was completed, service had to be rushed in order to ensure that the lag in the schedule did not reflect badly on the event. Behind the scenes, the team (catering team, waiting staff and wedding planner) worked tirelessly to ensure that the guests were looked after and that the delay had as little impact as possible on the overall event.


    It is quite unfortunate that canapés were dropped in the rush to send food out. However, the catering teams were quick to replenish the trays and send the waiters back out with more canapés. With reference to the statement regarding drinks being offered to someone wearing a hijab, I can confirm with some authority that, all the waiters bar myself and another waitress were Muslim and may have been offering drinks to people in the vicinity of but not directly to the lady in question.


    After the canapé service, we realised that the evening guests had also arrived. We were informed by the client that there was to be 60 day time guest for the wedding breakfast and 40 evening guests.  However, due to the delay, by the time the wedding breakfast had started, the evening guests had also begun to arrive. The catering team ended up providing covers for over 90 people instead of the 60 people the client had initially stated.


    In an effort to ensure the people arriving for the evening were being fed on time (and in light of the fact that they had arrived when the day-time guests were still being served the wedding breakfast), I believe the catering team took the initiative to start prepping for the evening BBQ using the grill in the kitchen while the main open fire BBQ was being set up. The burgers were then put on trays to rest in their own stock and juices - this I believe was to ensure that when the open flame BBQ was set up, people who wanted well-done burgers could have  theirs cooked per their preference in a rather short time. 


    As far I can remember the guests and the clients appeared content on the day. I was personally thanked by the clients on how helpful my team and I were. I was present in the kitchen when the client’s mother followed by the client came in to the kitchen to apologise for the delay, hug and thank the caterer and her team for their efforts on the day. There were guest who asked my team to send their compliments to the chef with regards to the food.


    My first reaction to this post was to question whether the client and I had been at the same event. It also made me wonder what post-event issues; they may have had with the caterer to warrant such a personal review on her character and her business as a whole. In my experience of providing waiting staff to a number of catering companies and venues for many years, I find that issues such these often warrant further investigations and must never be taken on face value. This is a classic case of reader beware.











  • Sarah1127Sarah1127 Posts: 1

    Very poor service , I enquried with this caterer for my wedding catering . Took the owner ages to send me information and on top of that when she finally got round to sending me the information . i had to keep chasing her for a repsonse to my email , kept giving me all sorts of excuses as to why she hasn’t replied . why advertise a catering company if you do not respond to enquiries .In the end I had to look for another caterer , she didn’t that she had just lost a client . 


    Very poor attitude from the owner , don’t use Waakye leaf. Waste of time .

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