Catering - Jollof Pot or Favour, who would you choose?

The venue I have (provisionally) booked for August next year has both Jollof Pot and Favour Catering & Events on their preferred suppliers list. Does anyone here have any experience of either of these companies? I am Nigerian and my fiance is Caribbean and I really want a caterer that can showcase the best from both our nations foodwise and that is also organise!!!

Opinions on these two gratefully received image


  • jonnyw1jonnyw1 Posts: 14

    Hi Yu,

    Favours are superb, we were recommended to them, we were also recommended ,,   he is our master of ceremonies and wedding consultant.. he is great..


    Hope this helps.


    Mr. J 


  • KemioflifeKemioflife Posts: 19

    Hello there, OMG favour catering are absolutely amazing! They catered at my best friend's wedding and we were all impressed.... Just a quick idea, have you thought of beautiful fruit fresh displays as dessert at your wedding? i am getting married in a few months and a friend just told me about YOUR FRUITY CREATIONS...check them out at or .. their fruit displays are colourful and amazing.. Goodluck with everything!

  • Thanks Mr J abd Kemioflife! I have actually contacted Favour and asked them to get back to me, but I'm still waiting...


    Mr J - If you don't mind me asking, how much did the toastmaster charge to be your MC for teh day?




  • Hi @MrsMoses2014, Do you mind please telling me what venue you are using, I am struggling to find venues that will allow african caterers and also how was your experience with jollof pot . Thank you 

  • tolu-tolu- Posts: 3

    hello and congrats, Tashady Catering is another great african caribbean catering company. They are on most hotels preferred caterers' list e.g Hilton groups and Kingsway Hall Hotel, and they are actually second to none. Not as overrated as the others mention and they 'wow'! check them out on 

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