Making sure the dress you choose would not be thrown into the cabinet bottom

As tradition goes that the bridesmaid should pay for the dress, approved by etiquette gurus of the 1960s, however, there are many others don't agree with that. Therefore, the problem who should pay it has been raised. Of course, the reasons are various from different angles. Even though buying bridesmaid dresses online wouldn't cost you too much money, if your bridesmaid is still a college student, dressing good to your wedding cannot be an easy thing. Even that, she may feel embarrassed to tell you the truth. This is not the worst circumstance, some of them may find other excuse to rejecting your wedding role. Don't think is's hard to believe because your flower girl dresses may cost them hundreds of dollars although you deem it worthy to spend so much money for the only one-time wedding a lifetime. Your feelings can be understood, but stand on your friends' point, you may find they have their difficulty. They are not rich as you are and their parents cannot afford so much money for them, too. You have no need to abide by the regulation. You have your freedom to make yourself and your friends comfortable. Also as a friend, you have such responsibility. They have their life to live and causing a big problem for your friends is not the thing you want. First, I bet you don't want your girls to be a totally matching set, but want their individuality to shine through. And this applies that when you are count on your friends to buy the Evening dresses by themselves. As a result, you have to ask their opinions, making sure the dress you choose would not be thrown into the cabinet bottom and would not be taken out for other occasions. That means waste money no matter how cheap it is.

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