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Ghanaian wedding planners

hey girls,

im looking for a ghana wedding planner based in london. any ideas?


  • its run by a lady called ika, although she is south african she plans ghanian, nigerian, south african weddings and many more different cultures

  • Have a look at Run by a Nigerian lady who has great experience in organising a variety of African weddings. x

  • If you are not too far into your planning, you can contact us We have a wide experience in organising planning and co-ordinating african weddings.


  • If you are looking for hostesses for your wedding, Cultured Hosts specialises in providing elite event hostesses with a cultural flair.

    We have pulled together culture, style and elegance ensuring an unforgettable day for our clients. Our hostesses have a strong presence, creating a cultural atmosphere, making your day a memorable one.

    If you are planning your event and need hostesses to greet your guests, manage your seating plan or host your champagne reception, Cultured Hosts would be happy to serve you.

    We also offer our clients a bespoke service to design your hostesses uniform.

    For more information, contact us today to discuss how to make your day perfect.

    Email: [email protected]   Website: 


  • maxine5maxine5 Posts: 1

    If you are looking for awesome wedding entertainment to excit and entertain your guests, get in touch with Unika Dance Events!! Contact us Today for a free consultation!

    Tel: 07740 070782

    [email protected]

  • darldarl Posts: 1

    Hello dearies call for all your Bridal Makeup and Wedding Planning, Tust me you would have nothing to worry about from start to finish, we cater for everything. call now for your bridal makeup PROMO DISCOUNT on 0200733763.

  • QueenDQueenD Posts: 325 New bride

    Quite an old post so not sure if still being followed.

    I am an African Wedding Planner in London, please contact me to further discuss :

    All the best ladies xx

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